Patrick Ward

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Founder at NanoGlobals

Patrick Ward is the founder of NanoGlobals, an expert-led platform that helps mid-size tech companies tap into global markets through remote hiring, offshoring and international market expansion.


Thought Leaders

Virtual Assistants Have the Potential to Be Your Company's Biggest Assets — If You Don't Make These 3 Mistakes

VAs, synonymous with outsourcing, have been viewed as cost-efficient resources for simple admin tasks. But viewing them solely in this manner does them — and your company — a disservice.

Growing a Business

If You're Ignoring This Service, You Could Be Costing Your Business Money

Ignoring the benefits of outsourcing leaves your business at an enormous disadvantage.

Starting a Business

The Key Resource for a Successful Startup Is Something You Already Have

The key to sustainable entrepreneurship for those in a 9-to-5 is not some cinematic quitting of their jobs, but leveraging their own advantage via their own background and knowledge.


El recurso clave para una puesta en marcha exitosa es algo que ya tiene

La clave para el espíritu empresarial sostenible para quienes están en una situación de 9 a 5 no es una renuncia cinematográfica a sus trabajos, sino aprovechar su propia ventaja a través de sus propios antecedentes y conocimientos.

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