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These 3 Quotes From Jeff Bezos Will Change How You Run Your Business Maybe you've heard them before. But they still very much resonate.

By Gene Marks

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Want to change how you run your business? Listen to Jeff Bezos. The former CEO of Amazon was recently interviewed by podcaster Lex Fridman and during the course of this more than two-hour conversation discussed everything from space travel to weight-lifting. But, as a business owner, there were three nuggets of advice that came out of the conversation that really stuck with me. And if you also run a business, you'll probably agree.

"There are a thousand ways to be smart."

Bezos said this in the context of telling the story of why he decided to change majors from physics to computer science. A star student and a lover of science, Bezos entered college with the aspiration of becoming a theoretical physicist. But he quickly realized during college that there were some people who are just naturally gifted at some things, like a classmate who was able to figure out a physics problem in minutes, which took Bezos hours.

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