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This Show Hosted by <em>You</em> Record, listen or take part in a live discussion. TalkShoe lets you do it all.

By Jason Ankeny

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Talkshoe gives voice to whatever's on your mind--personal or professional, universal or unconventional. The Pittsburgh-based company enables users to record, join or access live interactive discussions, podcasts and audioblogs over the web, complete with technical support, conferencing, bandwidth and storage, all for free. Programming runs the gamut from the useful (The American Entrepreneur) to the controversial (the S&M-themed Mind of a Mistress). Once a recording is completed, it is available for download via the TalkShoe website. In addition, members can add the broadcast to their homepage, blog or social media profile.

"TalkShoe was created to make it easier to bring people together on whatever subject they choose," says CEO Marty Newingham. "Our shows cover everything from prayer groups of virtually every denomination to mothers of multiples, wherever there's interest and passion around a topic."

Business is one of TalkShoe's most popular categories, alongside entertainment, sports and technology. Some series focus on specific verticals, and others offer how-to insights on topics such as marketing, branding and search engine optimization. "Folks aren't interested in listening to an advertisement for the host company. They want to see and feel an exchange of information," Newingham says. "Any company that would make an investment to do this is best served using it as a forum to exchange non-branded knowledge to solve problems."

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