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Website to Watch: Facebook for Foodies brings together food lovers who document their kitchen adventures online.

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Website to Watch: Facebook for Foodies

What do foodies love more than food? Finding other foodies to share in their passion. gives them a place to mix together.

Launched in 2007, the site aggregates, organizes and curates nearly 2 million posts from more than 10,000 food blogs worldwide. Through partnerships with more than 3,000 elite food blogs, Foodbuzz's reach tops 10 million unique visitors every month.

"Our definition of our property is not just what's happening on Foodbuzz," says Ben Dehan, CEO of Foodbuzz. "Most of the content is on the food blogs, and then we have exclusive contracts to provide that content on our site."

drives revenue for Foodbuzz, through both co-branding on various sections of the site and sponsorship of off-line events such as food blogger festivals. are eager to get their products in front of the hungry community.

By leveraging Facebook and and offering a daily and monthly newsletter, Foodbuzz is growing its membership by 10 percent every month.

Through special promotions and spotlighted brands, members get exclusive deals while the companies get exposure to thousands of tastemakers.

To keep the site fresh, the Foodbuzz team curates the best user-generated content from the community and highlights it on the homepage. Today's Top 9 is an aggregation of the day's hottest posts. The Daily Special showcases a delicious food photo. And 24, 24, 24 features posts from 24 Foodbuzz Featured Publisher bloggers.

Foodbuzz isn't just for the home cook. Members can write restaurant reviews, rating restaurants on a five-star system. The site contains about 125,000 reviews from all over the world.

With nearly 40,000 profiles on the site, there is plenty of opportunity to connect with foodie friends. Members can find one another by browsing everyone on the site, checking out spotlight members or by filtering members by location.

Members can organize their own recipes on Foodbuzz and browse more than 230,000 recipes uploaded by the community. The Recipe Finder makes searching the massive database a breeze.

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