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Israel's Social Impact Startups Love India. Here's Why

With India's vast agricultural lands, Israel's technological agricultural expertise makes for the perfect partnership


Indian-Israeli Start-ups as Partners is a Match Made in Heaven

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to India has made way for multiple collaborations

Growth Strategies

Govt Calls Upon Agri-tech startups to Build Strong Framework For Indian Agricultural Growth

Agri-tech startups can bring in necessary interventions to augment agricultural productivity


Have Fintech Companies Failed India's Farming Community

The farming community is still largely dependent on traditional credit.


How this Agritech Startup is Trying to Solve the Indian Agrarian Crisis

They focus on computer vision based analysis of images to grade the quality of the produce

News and Trends

How is AI Getting Popular in the Agricultural Sector? Is India Pacing up?

The advent of Big Data and sector-specific Machine Learning tools related to the sector can increase agriculture yields

News and Trends

This Japanese Billionaire Wants to Change the Face of Indian Agriculture

The serial investor wants to address the larger issues of food production and quality in India

Starting a Business

A Start-up To Support Start-ups

Apart from helping you out in ideation, business strategy and technology, they act as your co-founders


#5 Ways Farmers Can Rely on Fintech to Ward off Losses

Various fintech start-ups are connecting farmers directly with their buyers on a mobile platform doing away with the need to involve middlemen

News and Trends

These #4 Start-ups Are Promoting Hydroponics in India

Hydroponics or growing plants in water or sand, rather than soil, is done using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent


Better Prices For Farmers

On a vacation when Aditya was home, his father Sanjay Agarwalla narrated this story and its compounding disadvantage to farmers in India.


In Social Enterprises the Challenge Lies in Indentifying Unique Opportunities

The challenge for social enterprises lie in recognizing unique opportunities and innovating around the business models

Growth Strategies

Decoding Digital India & What It Means for Local Innovation and Startups: Join the #LetsTalkInnovation Live Cast on Jan 11th

Interact with MyGov CEO, Gaurav Dwivedi during the Intel & DST – Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 #LetsTalkInnovation Webcast. 11th Jan 2017, 11:00-12:30


Entrepreneurs Must Know About These #4 Sector-Focused Funds

From Agritech, AI to serving a niche category of the Indian economy; here's what these funds want in your business idea!


Want to Win Your Customers Using Design? Tune in to this Live Cast by Intel India with Ashish Deshpande

Ashish Deshpande, an Industrial Designer from the National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad –India, will share his views on how he sees Intel contributing to a Digital India with the help of smart design solutions