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Digital Farmer

CropIn's underlying mission runs parallel to the Indian government's vision for the agrisector

Starting a Business

Why Entrepreneurs Should Care About Food Traceability

Along with empowering consumers, food traceability is also enhancing the value of a brand

Science & Technology

We're Ignoring the Only Industry We Can't Do Without

Agritech faces the challenge of feeding 8.1 billion people, but does anyone notice?


What Matters Most While Opting for Smart Farming Technology

From intelligent farm management solutions to storage and warehousing facilities, agribusinesses around the world are focusing on adding technology to their practice in order to be more efficient


Seven Points to Consider When Going Digital in Agriculture

Digital farming is not limited to utilizing data to make informed decisions in the cultivation process, it also focuses on analysing and constantly learning from the data to build efficiencies for the future

Growth Strategies

Evolution of Commercial Aquaponics in India

In this system waste products of farmed fishes will be used to grow plants hydroponically to purify water


Five Trends to Watch out for in the Agritech Industry in 2019

The Asia Pacific is huge geographically and diversified in food and agricultural production


Now, Rent a Farm and Harvest Your own Veggies. Real-Life Farmville is Here

See your crop through pictures and videos and also pay it a visit over the weekend

Growth Strategies

Omnivore Partners' Managing Partner Shares Why Agri and Food Startups are the Next Big Thing

According to an Accenture report, the agriculture ecosystem has started to invest in digital technologies and these services market is expected to grow at CAGR of 12 per cent between 2014 and 2020 to reach USD 4.5 billion

Growth Strategies

Opportunity Hotspot in India: The Great Agriculture Sector

The food and agri-business in India are ripe for such innovation in product development, technology integration and process excellence


What Prompted Walmart to Commit Investment in This Indian Agritech Startup

Indian agritech startup, Ninjacart receives the commitment of $50 million investment by retail behemoth, Walmart


How has Technology Sown the Seeds for Advancements in Agriculture

Entrepreneurs are looking at solving grassroot level problems by introducing tech-based solutions to farmers


How to Obtain Seed Funding if You are a New Start-up?

Co-Founder of agritech startup Gramophone shares tips for new ventures on how to raise VC funds.


Why Agritech is Set to Redefine VC Investments from 2018?

Find out how VCs and investors perceive investments in AgriTech startups in 2018 and beyond


Jordan-Based Agri Tech Startup Nestrom Raises Seed Funding From Regional Investors

Co-founded by entrepreneurs Yousef Wadi, Kanaan Manasrah, and Shadi Al Shalabi in early 2017, Nestrom focuses on "delivering high-end, easy to deploy agricultural software products and solutions," and says that they aspire to "transform all farms into smart farms."