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Growing a Business

It Can Be Hard Raising Capital For a Small Business — But These 3 Ways Really Work.

It can be hard to raise capital for a small local business if you haven't learned the right strategies. Ultimately, however, raising capital is possible at any level — if you employ the correct approach. Here's how.

Thought Leaders

Emerging ESG Trends Forward-Thinking Small Business Owners Need to Watch

There are five key components that entrepreneurs have to get right to navigate their environmental, social and governance transformation successfully. Find out where your focus should be.

Life Hacks

10 Ways to Handle Repetitive Tasks So You Can Focus on More Creative Work

Tired of getting stuck on repetitive grunt work? Outsource tasks like data entry, paperwork and administrative duties.

Business News

'We're Taking a Huge Risk': Small Business Owner Struggle to Process Payments Amid Square Outages

Square experienced widespread outages on Thursday and Friday morning.

Growing a Business

Building a Successful Business on a Foundation of Feedback

Customer feedback, whether glowing or critical, can be a boon for your business. This week, Yelp's Small Business Expert Emily Washcovick is joined by Alok Ahuja, CEO and founder of Trexity, to talk about how he started his business and found success by focusing on one very simple thing: constructive feedback.


An Entrepreneur's Guide to Achieving a Net-Zero Business

From conducting a carbon footprint assessment to setting goals and investing in energy-efficient technologies, how to transform your company into a greenhouse gas emissions-neutral enterprise.

Growing a Business

Building a Business With Customer Care at The Forefront

Carmen Sturniolo, owner of Ambitious Athletics, started his journey in the fitness industry after a family tragedy made him realize he wanted to channel his energy into creating a business that focused on improving people's health.

Growing a Business

Don't Sit Around and Wait to Be Noticed — Follow These 4 Ways to Be a Standout in Business

Becoming a star in the business world isn't complicated. A few simple strategies can put you in the spotlight.

Growing a Business

A Magician's Tricks of the Trade on Running a Small Business

Hear how the owners of Illusions Bar & Theater created an intimate magic experience ranked #2 in Arts & Entertainment on Yelp and Entrepreneur Media's first ever Top 150 Mom & Pop Shops list.

Growing a Business

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Family Members in a Small Business

While conventional wisdom discourages small business owners from hiring members of the same family, there are actually smart and strategic reasons to do so — but there are still drawbacks to consider. Here's what you should know about hiring employees who are family members.

Business Ideas

3 Things Small Business Can Do to Compete with Big Business for Talent

Small businesses can lure talent away from bigger organizations if they do three things that align with what job seekers want.

Buying / Investing in Business

I've Served Small Businesses for More Than 10 Years — Here Are 3 Investments to Consider That Will Help You Succeed

Here are key areas of investment to help entrepreneurs transform their business operations and catapult their business growth.


Evolving a Small Business With Online Marketing

In this episode, Wade Dickinson, owner of Heirloom Engraver, shares how incorporating online platforms like Yelp into his business strategy has helped his business triple.

Growing a Business

34 Years of Success: How Sandra's Next Generation Continues to Impress

Yelp Top 100 winner, Sandra's Next Generation, dishes on how its soul food has enraptured customers for 34 years—and entrepreneurs of all ilks can incorporate their tactics for business success.

Money & Finance

Why Small Businesses Should Consider Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans

Opting out of paying healthcare premiums isn't just for large corporations anymore.