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'The Bethenny Clause': How Bethenny Frankel's Early Contract Negotiations Changed the Course of Her Life For the Better — But Not For the Reality Stars That Came After

The businesswoman and beauty influencer shared how she negotiated her first-ever television contract and how it inadvertently changed how reality TV contracts are structured.

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Bethenny Frankel on Her Approach to Business and Negotiating Deals: 'I'm Good at Concepts, Not Contracts'

'If you really are passionate and driven and you work hard, that's what it takes to be successful,' Frankel tells Entrepreneur.


Bethenny Frankel sobre su enfoque de negocios y negociación de acuerdos: 'Soy buena en conceptos, no en contratos'

"Si realmente eres apasionado y motivado y trabajas duro, eso es lo que se necesita para tener éxito", le dice Frankel a Entrepreneur.


How Reality Star Bethenny Frankel Achieved Brand Success

The former star of 'The Real Housewives of New York City' slowly built up a name that she now uses for many products.

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Snooki, 'Housewives' and the Reality of Celebrity Businesses

How 15 minutes of fame can lead to as many problems as opportunities.