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Realtors Found Guilty of Conspiring to Keep Agent Commissions High, Ordered to Pay $1.8 Billion in Damages

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and major brokerage firms were found guilty by a federal jury in Missouri for deliberately inflating real estate agent commissions.

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'Selling Sunset' Broker Jason Oppenheim Calls Compass Business Model 'Unfixable'

Oppenheim also called the rival real estate firm's commission model "unsustainable."

Franchise 500 Annual Ranking

Franchise Brokers, Referral Consultants and Career Coaches Can Help You Find the Right Business Opportunity

2022 Franchise Supplier Rankings: Top Franchise Brokers, Referral Consultants, and Career Coaches


The Fiery Demat Trailblazer

Starting out as a tech-focused brokerage, Tejas opted to take the road less traveled by progressively building a tech stack while the entire industry was dependent on monopolistic software vendors to power their back end

Buying / Investing in Business

5 Good Reasons to Work With a Franchise Broker

You should never turn down free assistance.

Starting a Business

Is It Time to Join a New Real-Estate Brokerage or Start Your Own?

Critical factors to consider when contemplating a job switch to a new brokerage firm, or launching a new one.

Growth Strategies

Here's How To Network Your Way Up In The Financial Broking Space

Erick Goni, CEO of ERGO FX, has dabbled into e-commerce, merchandise, crypto-currency, and even real estate


What Makes Real Estate Agents Best In Their Business?

Let's understand that to be a great agent or broker in this business

Growth Strategies

India & China To Soon Be Top 3 Economies of the World Says This Financial Advisor

India-born serial entrepreneur Sandy Mehta has built three robust businesses in the financial services space in Asia

Growth Strategies

Why the Buy-to-let Concept is the Best Option for Property Investment

As an income investment, buy-to-let is quite lucrative, especially when pitted against low interest rates on bank deposits and stocks.


Meet the Couple Behind India's First Ever Brokerage Firm

Devina Sharma and Shankar Sharma founded India's first ever brokerage firm, having a London Stock Exchange as well as Nasdaq membership


Do You Know About This B2B Trading Platform That Top Capital Market Brokerages in India Use?

Capital markets is a challenging sector but this company is ready to break barriers