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Here's How To Network Your Way Up In The Financial Broking Space Erick Goni, CEO of ERGO FX, has dabbled into e-commerce, merchandise, crypto-currency, and even real estate

By Nate Jeal

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Nate Jeal

Undoubtedly, starting a business represents a great challenge, even more so when it comes to changing your life and those closest to you. However, the lack of support from family or friends can represent one of the most difficult barriers to realizing one's dreams. It will depend on each person's determination to go beyond what anyone else can achieve. Erick Goni's—a 23-year-old from Lima, Peru—story comes close.

At the age of 17, after finishing high school and witnessing numerous financial problems that his family was going through, Goni knew that he had to act to change this situation. Countless ideas ran through his mind, but limited resources did not seem to favor his intention to grow as a businessman.

Demonstrating his abilities to grow in the financial world became a focus of motivation for Goni. Therefore, he decided to put all his efforts to reach his goals.

While any young person of this age is focused on other aspects of life, the ambition and thirst for success remained constant in his mind. This allowed him to find the appropriate resources and to be on the right path to achieve his goals.

He started with ERGO FX, to become the best financial broker in Latin America. This helped him to acquire the necessary experience, discovering the weaknesses in the industry, and providing more knowledge to improve in general.

Each of his steps is focused on the success, growth, and improvement of his skills. All this has allowed him to distinguish himself.

Diversify Your Ideas

One aspect that has characterized Goni's business path is the possibility of diversifying his ideas. He points out that he started his way in network marketing, where he developed thousands of dollars, capital that he invested again to multiply his profits.

E-commerce, merchandise, crypto-currency, and even real estate were some of the industries that this young man deepened. "Today, I have become a 6-figure winner in the network marketing industry and will focus primarily on becoming a multi-millionaire with my investments and creating the largest hedge fund in my country," he said.

Today, Erick continues to work from his business environment, with the main purpose of growing even more. He emphasizes that this is just the beginning, "One of my goals is to become a billionaire before I'm 40, and I'm sure I'm on the right track."

"I am not only here to create money, but also a legacy", he claims. Beyond the luxuries and money, adding value to the world with his knowledge and experience is what gives him the most satisfaction.

Dr Nate Jeal is a dental entrepreneur and marketing aficionado. Having built and grown half a dozen professional practices from the ground up, Nate mentors business-owner professionals and provides strategic growth advice . As an industry opinion leader Nate presents topics on entrepreneurship, business development and marketing in the health professions.
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