Growth Strategies

KSA-Based Foodics Launches New Financial Management Product Suite To Ease Cash Flow Management For F&B Businesses

Foodics aims to help F&B business owners gain full command of their business' cash flow cycle, customer touchpoints as well as back-of-house operations.

News and Trends

Crisis Is the Mother Of Better Cash Flow Management

Some of the major challenges for businesses-big or small-have been operational paralysis, staying afloat and being prepared to bounce back


Cashflow a Major Barrier for Small to Medium Businesses Looking to go Global

But, with the rapid development and adoption of new technologies, all types of small-to-medium businesses now have the tools to connect with previously unreachable audiences


How Entrepreneurs Can Bounce Back From A Failed Startup?

A successful journey is often marked by failures along the way and one only reaches the destination when he/she continues to carry on with the journey.


Why Cashflow isn't the Only Lifeline of Your Business

A lack of hope and not having something to aspire towards can make life very mundane