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This $39 Bundle Could Show You How to Convert Your Business to the Cloud

Manage your business online when you learn to use GCP Services.

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The Cloud Market is Becoming Commoditized. Here's What That Means for High-Tech Companies Aiming to Disrupt Healthcare.

Cloud providers have the opportunity to revolutionize healthcare and make a huge profit.

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3 Strategies to Increase Your Business' Cloud Cover

Cloud technology is a growing priority across multiple industries. Maximize cloud usage through key strategies to protect your investments and keep your business functioning smoothly.

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Ready to Scale? 5 Advantages to Implementing Cloud Tech in Your Business

Here's why utilizing cloud technologies frees up time and energy to focus on executing your business plan.

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Tech Businesses Are Keeping Youth Sports Afloat

Cloud-based sports companies can help keep kids engaged during the shift to hybrid learning.


This Entrepreneur Is Helping SMBs Embrace Technology

Bengaluru-based G7CR Technologies was founded by Dr. Christopher Richard and his firm is empowering SMBs to adopt the power of cloud, business process automation, machine learning and emerging technologies


Why it's Necessary for Enterprises to Embrace the Hybrid Cloud System

From the cost optimization and scalability of the public cloud to the security and reliability of the private cloud, enterprises can avail the maximum benefits while minimizing the risk factor

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#5 Reasons Why Online Admission Platforms are Key to An Education Institute's Digital Strategy

Online admission platforms simplify the selection process and make the communication process proactive and transparent

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Correlating Fashion and Numbers

One may think, 'Who is Anna Wintour and why should anybody listen to her?


Cloud Security Startup CloudCodes is Securing Enterprises

Cloud storage is convenient and efficient, but this startup is ensuring its secure too

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Apple Signs Up for Google's Cloud Services

The iPhone maker also uses cloud services from Amazon and Microsoft.

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5 Free Apps to Help You Move Your Business to the Cloud

Stop spending so much money! Collaborate more! Enjoy working at the beach!


How This Company Is Helping Businesses Find Zen in Human Resource Paperwork

Zenefits benefits-management software might be a busy entrepreneur's best friend -- but is it a benefits provider's worst nightmare?