Microsoft CEO sold half of his shares in the company

According to the company, this decision was only to diversify his personal finances.

Ikea Is Offering a Mini Apartment in Japan for Less Than $1 a Month

The tiny apartment has been furnished and decorated by Ikea to maximize space.

Hundreds of FedEx packages found dumped in ravine

The shipping company does not know how they went to deliver the packages to that place, but they continue to review the situation to understand what happened.

Why is reinvention the way to the immediate future?

The organizations that dare to break paradigms and lead us to rethink the way we work and buy are those that hold the evolution.

Disney + did not meet new subscriber estimates during its last quarter

The platform only added 2.1 million subscribers in its last quarter of the year.

Facebook changes its name and will now be called ...

In a live event with unpublished demonstrations, the Facebook CEO gave the first details about a world where you can "teleport", preparing for a future in which the internet is more immersive and with more tools to interact with others.

Facebook warns about the interpretation of some leaked documents

Several internal company documents have been leaked to the press who have strongly criticized their content, but the company alleges that they have been misinterpreted.

Goodbye plastic! McDonald's will start providing more sustainable toys

This transformation will help them reduce 90% use of fossil fuel-based plastic in toys.

How to make 2022 the year that Finally! Let's leave behind burnout

Organizations must recognize the strength they have as drivers of initiatives that achieve positive impacts beyond their doors when they establish comprehensive approaches and not just business.

Rodolfo Oviedo

The shares of this company have soared more than 200% in a week

According to CNBC, mentions of the company have risen 66% since last week on the Reddit subforum called WallStreeBets.