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Law approved for Google and Facebook to pay the press for their content in Australia

The country sets a precedent for others to follow suit, forcing tech giants to pay media companies for using their content on the Google News Showcase and Facebook News.

Cinemas will reopen on March 1 in Mexico City and Edomex

Starting next Monday, Cinépolis theaters and independent cinemas will reopen, but not Cinemex.

Videos of the Samsung Glasses Lite, augmented reality glasses, are filtered

The Samsung Glasses Lite and Samsung AR Glasses that would theoretically allow users to attend holographic virtual meetings, consult content and play games.
Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Launches 'Jamaica-Inspired' Sweater, But Gets Colors Wrong and Criticism Rains

Brand crises do not discriminate, they can affect both large and small companies when things do not go as expected.

Microsoft's Cloud Generated More Revenue Than Amazon and Google Combined in 2020

Azure, Microsoft's cloud service, outperformed its competitors, but Amazon Web Services still dominates the field. Why?
Social Media

The 'Drunk Mode' of WhatsApp and Other Applications Will Prevent You From Dialing Up Your Ex

The feature will be able to block or delay messages, calls and other posts for a period of 12 hours, while it is active.

Do You Have a Secret You Want to Tell? KFC Launches a 'Phone' for You to Bare Your Soul.

The KFSecret-80 arrives in Mexico for a limited time and only 80 will be available. Go to www.kfsecret80.com and register for a chance to win yours.

Bimbo Becomes One of the Most Ethical Companies in the World for the 5th Consecutive Year

The list, prepared by The Ethisphere Institute, chose 135 companies from 22 countries and 47 industries to award them this badge.
Elon Musk

Tesla Fell 25% and Elon Musk Lost More Than $15 Billion in One Day. Was It Because of Bitcoin?

Elon Musk is no longer the richest man in the world. He fell far behind Jeff Bezos and several specialists claim that it is a consequence of his investment in Bitcoin.
Entrepreneurship Calls

Women Programmers Who Want to Be Part of This Call Are Sought

"Women Who Code" is an initiative that funds women with at least 1 year of programming experience in order to promote the role of women in technology.

This Rainbow Kitten Image Was Auctioned for More Than $500,000

A new version of Nyan Cat, the cat that flies through space and leaves a rainbow trail created in 2011 by Christopher Torres, was auctioned for more than half a million dollars.
Mental Health

Japan Appoints a 'Minister of Solitude' Over the Rise in Suicides for the First Time in 11 Years

More people died in Japan from suicide than from Covid-19 in October 2020.

Izzi Will Compensate Only 533 Users for Massive Failure in Its Service, Confirmed the Mexican Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office

To avoid a class action lawsuit, Izzi agreed to adjust the bill for its service for some of the thousands affected by the fall of February 10.

Cherokee Chief Asks Jeep to Remove His Tribe's Name From Its Off-Road Vehicles

"It is time for corporations and sports to remove the use of Native American names, images and mascots from their products," says Cherokee leader Chuck Hoskin Jr.

Apple Regains the No. 1 Spot in Global Smartphone Sales After 5 Years

The Cupertino-based company defeated Samsung in the fourth quarter of 2020.