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Lin Manuel Miranda was chosen to compose the music for Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee and we celebrate it with some of his most inspiring phrases

The composer of Latin origin worked alongside the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber in the composition of a show that will be presented this Sunday.

College student confesses on TikTok that she did not leave a tip and her video goes viral

Considering not having received any service, the young woman refused to give a tip and later confessed it on her TikTok account.

Habi, the largest buyer and seller of used housing in Mexico and Colombia, is already a unicorn

The company buys, remodels and sells, but also facilitates the process for property owners and potential buyers.

Bill Gates announces that he has COVID-19

The businessman, an active promoter of vaccination, uploaded a message on Twitter to notify that he is sick.

A study indicates that, although most of us have heard of the metaverse, only 15% could explain it

The results show that although the term has become popular, we don't necessarily understand what it is or how the metaverse works.

This is how sharp the images of space that the James Webb Space Telescope will show us will be

The sophisticated telescope will explore an unknown region in search of the so-called first light of the universe.

Elon Musk says the doors on Twitter are open for Donald Trump

The businessman referred again to freedom of expression on the platform and made a direct reference to Donald Trump.

Attention authors in Spanish: the Amazon Literary Award is looking for you

Seeking to encourage self-publishing, Kindle invites writers in Spanish to participate in the ninth edition of its contest.

A Russian influencer is deported from Bali for taking nude photos in front of a 700-year-old sacred tree

She was accompanied by her husband, who took her photo; before leaving the place they had to participate in a ceremony to make amends for their mistake.

One of the dresses that Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz could be auctioned for $ 1.5 million dollars

It is the emblematic blue and white dress that was lost for five decades, but a woman wants to prevent the auction.

Bored and Hungry, the fast food restaurant that uses NFT's from the Bored Ape Yacht Collection for its image

The most famous apes of the digital world are very present in a fast food place in California.

Instagram will start testing so that users can monetize by sharing NFT's in their accounts

The pilot program will start this week in the United States and could soon be expanded to other platforms such as Facebook.

Hyundai will develop two vehicles with robotic legs that look like something out of a science fiction movie

The South Korean company has opened a laboratory to develop units that could be used in rescue missions during natural disasters or to support space exploration.

John Deere Remotely Disables Tractors Stolen in Ukraine by Russian Troops

Grain and cereal theft by Russian troops has become a common practice. Now they also took tractors and machinery that cannot be used.

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