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Peasant couple accidentally planted the world's most expensive mangoes and now need private security

Rani and Sankalp Parihar planted two trees in their orchard, without imagining that they would reap a fortune in the form of Miyazaki mangoes, one of the most sought-after varieties on the international market.

Amazon destroys thousands of unsold products every week, research shows

A former employee of the ecommerce giant confirmed this information to the British media ITV News.

Elon Musk Could Offer Global Satellite Internet With Starlink in September

SpaceX plans to deploy a total of 12,000 satellites at a cost of approximately $10 billion.

Mexico enters the top 10 on the UN's list for attracting foreign investment

This was revealed by a report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

66% of Mexicans used YouTube to feel accompanied at home office

In the new report on culture and trends on Latin America, YouTube highlighted that users play a video while doing anything else.

Google is Working on a New Way to Recognize Skin Tones

The company will drop its current system in an effort to be more inclusive.

Android will add update similar to iOS to find your device

To ensure that it is not so easy to lose your Android cell phone, it will add a similar function to that of Apple to find your devices.

Amazon Remains World's Most Valuable Brand, As Chinese Companies Rise

Jeff Bezos' company and Apple top the list of brands in the Kantar BrandZ ranking.

An upcoming unicorn? Konfío raises $ 125 million

The fintech founded by David Arana and Francisco Padilla announced that the 'E' series capital raising round was led by Lightrock, a capital fund focused on global impact.

Pinterest will hire more than 50 engineers for its first engineering center in Mexico

The Mexico City engineering team will be made up of experts in internal tools, frontend for iOS, Android and the Web.

A man invested 400 pesos one night in the Rocket Bunny cryptocurrency and 'woke up' being a billionaire

Christopher Williamson wants to buy a giant yacht shaped like a penguin.

How do I register to get vaccinated if I am 30 years old or older?

You can now register to receive your immunization against COVID-19.
Elon Musk

Elon Musk confirms the best kept secret of his Tesla cars

The businessman confirmed Tesla's best-kept secret in a single tweet.
Startups fintech

Mexico, hub of fintech startups in Latin America

In Mexican territory there are more than 150 fintech startups, which are focused on the crowdfunding segment, financial education, business finance, among others.

Why is a digital financing alternative for your startup more convenient than a bank loan?

Traditional loans offer fixed amounts, with a fixed rate for a fixed term to be paid in fixed installments. This rigidity forces companies to borrow more than they need and therefore to pay more interest than they should.