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If you are a gamer, it is something that you should include in your CV

Playing video games appears to develop skills that companies look for in their employees.

They develop an experimental mask that glows when in contact with COVID-19

A group of researchers from the Prefectural University in Kyoto used antibody from ostrich eggs to create an alternative to testing for COVID-19.

This 15-year-old is going to get his fifth college degree

The child prodigy will graduate from the University of Nevada this December.

The formula for success: this is one of the theories about how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs became legends

We know the phrase "practice makes perfect", but there are many more factors that play a role in that journey.

Elon Musk judges Bezos' lifestyle saying he should work harder and 'spend less time in the hot tub'

The businessman compared his work ethic in an interview with the Financial Times, saying that Bezos must try harder to beat him in the space race.

Platzi and Meta join forces to give you scholarships to learn how to make content in augmented reality

The program will train thousands of Latin American creators who want to learn how to make content on Spark AR.

A mistake in the CoinMarketCap led many people to believe that they were millionaires

The cryptocurrency market saw a gigantic jump in the value of various currencies that ended up being just a technical problem.

Nike buys a company that generates NFT for metaverses

Nike's newest acquisition, RTFKT Studios, is a venture that will assist the apparel brand in its digital development.

Dogecoin grows 22% after Elon Musk announced that it can be used in Tesla

The billionaire communicated on Twitter that he would once again include cryptocurrencies in the sale of some of Tesla's products.

The 5 insurance trends that we will see in 2022

There are some negative phenomena that are foreseen for the following year, which are part of the ravages that this pandemic has left.

Watch out! These are the 5 risks of doing business with unreliable suppliers

A solid and frictionless alliance benefits both parties, allows both businesses to have stability to operate and for this union to translate into growth and joint development.

Elon Musk sells another large chunk of his Tesla stock

The total of the actions he has done comes to a total of 13 billion dollars.

Bill Gates invests $ 10 million in a 7-employee startup

Startup Mangrove Lithium seeks to convert raw lithium into material for batteries used by electric cars.