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Covid-19 Vaccine Could Cause Sharp Fall of the Dollar

The U.S. currency could be weakened as soon as the vaccine begins to ship.

IKEA Will Open Its First Physical Store in Mexico in 2021

It will be located in Mexico City's new Encuentro Oceanía shopping center.
Entrepreneurship Calls

Atento Presents Its Startup Accelerator

The project, called Atento Next, will feature a selection of companies from the organization's areas of interest.

WHO Director for Europe Gives Hope, But Warns of a Difficult 6 Months Ahead

Europe and the United States are once again the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, cautioned Hans Kluge.

Oxxo launches home delivery service to compete with Walmart

The convenience store has put functions in Mi Oxxo, an online sales platform.

Elon Musk is close to surpassing Bill Gates on the world's billionaires index

Shares of Tesla have grown the fortune of the businessman, who now has $ 120 billion.

Google Pay wants to become the best app to control your money

Beyond being a means to spend money, Google Pay also wants to help you control it without the bank being an impediment.
Video game

The Game Awards 2020: Meet the nominees for GOTY and other categories

Geoff Keighley, who is a major figure in the video game industry, announced the list of nominees for the 2020 Game Awards.

Apple will compensate with 113 million dollars to 34 US states because they accuse it of 'planned obsolescence'

According to a collective investigation, the firm hid battery-related problems and made a profit from selling new phones to harmed consumers.
Generation Z

Generation Z: 6 Characteristics of Centennials

Here are some features of Gen Z that will allow you to embrace their leadership in the near future.

These Are Some Common Pains of Working in a Home Office. Which Do You Identify With?

Not having an adequate space to work has made sciatica, neck pain, low back pain and fluid retention common in our daily lives. Here are some tips to avoid pain.

Tec de Monterrey Stands Out Among the 5 Best Universities for Entrepreneurship

The institution continues to climb positions and goes from the top 10 to the top five, ranking alongside colleges like University of Houston, Babson College, Brigham Young University and The University of Michigan.

The Price of Bitcoin Reaches $18,000

The price of the most famous virtual currency has shot up 146% year-over-year and 70% in the last four months.

Apple Truck Carrying More Than $6 Million in Products Robbed on England Motorway

The tech giant already knows what will happen to all the stolen iPhones, iPads and accessories.
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In 'Life and Reflections', Jeff Bezos Explains How to Sell Anything on the Internet

The founder of Amazon recounts the keys to his business decisions, family memories and how he decided to create his own company.