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Intellectual Property

Editorial seeks to patent 'Kimetsu no Yaiba' clothing patterns, but only manages to protect 3

Shueisha, owner of the animated series "Demon Slayer," was approved only by three of the six clothing patterns they were seeking to register.

How to view deleted WhatsApp messages on Android?

Android smartphones have a way to view deleted WhatsApp messages without using other applications
Biometric Authentication

This will be the new BBVA cards that will use your fingerprints

It will be the first bank in Latin America to launch sustainable physical cards without printed data and with biometrics.

The Richest Family in the World Increases Its Fortune After Selling $2.1 Billion Worth of Walmart Shares

These transactions are intended to prevent your stake in the retail chain from rising.

She is the first Latin American recognized by the UN for a green entrepreneurship

Naturesse of the Colombian Natalia Osorio was recognized by the UN as a world benchmark eco-innovator.
Jeff Bezos

People Want Jeff Bezos to Buy and Eat the Mona Lisa

The petition already has thousands of signatures.

'Memo' Ochoa becomes a shareholder of the Mexican unicorn Kavak

The national goalkeeper applied to join Kavak only in exchange for shares in the company.

Amazon backs down on going back to the office and will adopt a hybrid scheme with home office

Jeff Bezos's company, Amazon, put aside the idea of "going back to an office-centric culture" and will implement a hybrid work scheme that includes home office for its employees.

Elon Musk Sold 10% of Tesla's Bitcoins and Will Accept the Cryptocurrency Again When It's Greener

The optimistic statements from the CEO of Tesla caused a rise in the price of Bitcoin, confirming the influence of Elon Musk in the world of cryptocurrencies.

They will sell a 'mini-fridge' in the form of Xbox in December 2021

From Memes to Reality: Xbox announced that it would keep its promise on Twitter and release the Xbox Mini Fridge by next Christmas.

The CEO of Twitter hinted that the Lightning Network will be integrated into the social network

Jack Dorsey replied to a tweet calling for Lightning to be integrated into Twitter saying it was just a matter of time.
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Is McDonald's Potato Farmer (and His Farms Can Be Seen From Space)

The tycoon owns land in 18 states and his largest holdings include Louisiana with 27,952 hectares, Arkansas with 19,395 hectares, and Nebraska with 8,331 hectares.

'Doge' NFT Sells for $4 Million, Becoming the Most Expensive Meme NFT Ever

The image of Dogecoin has became the most expensive meme NFT of all time.

One man found 62 resumes in the trash, fixed them, and hired 14 people

Kaká D'Avila went viral on social media for his perseverance.

Break the five most common outsourcing reform myths

Without digital tools for the correct handling of deductions, incidents and contributions in their payroll, companies are exposed to sanctions.