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Buying / Investing in Business

Meet Naqi, the Company That's Making Hands-Free, Voice-Free Device Control a Reality

Naqi is giving people hands-free, voice-free, and screen-free control over their tech, and they're welcoming investors while they do it.


Stay Powered Up: Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charger

Apple's recently released smartphones support wireless charging, and Belkin has readied itself to support this new development.

Starting a Business

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Making IoT More User-Friendly

A growing number of entrepreneurs are creating solutions that make it easier for devices to talk to one another.


Connected Cars: Its Assured Possibilities & Commercial Benefits

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, US, states that 93% of the road accidents in US happen due to driver error


The Runners Up For Connected Cars 2017 Are Here. Who Will Be The Winner?

Global automakers are forming partnerships and cashing in on connected car technology that is set to radically change the industry.


BMW, Mobileye And Intel Team Up To Build Self-Driving Cars

A new contender has joined the race to bring out autonomous cars on urban roads.

Business News

Toyota, Microsoft Launch Connected Cars Joint Venture

The $5.5 million investment is yet another sign that connected cars are the way of the future.

Science & Technology

5 Valentine's Day Gifts for the Wi-Fi Lover in Your Life

If only our hearts connected as easily as our devices.

Science & Technology

In the Few Minutes You Weren't Watching, the Connected Future Arrived

Five startups are bringing to market the sort of connected, everyday items that will reshape the technological landscape.

Science & Technology

When Should Products Connect to the Web?

The right answer: only when they truly respond to consumer needs and values.