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Corporate Governance: 3 Level Recommendations by Think Tank and Why is it Needed?

A 63-point self-regulatory framework for startups from the early stage to the initial public offering (IPO) was recommended as part of think tank recommendations released in June this year.

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Who's to Blame for Corporate Misgovernance in Indian Startups?

According to Nithin Kamath of Zerodha, the venture capital ecosystem should also share responsibility for corporate misgovernance along with the founders. Amitabh Kant, the G20 Sherpa for India, stressed the significance of self-regulation and good governance for startups and entrepreneurs.

Growth Strategies

Strong Corporate Governance Is Key To Attracting Foreign Investment Toward Emerging Markets

Implementing a corporate governance framework will ensure accountability, help manage risk, facilitate strategic planning, and attract the potential foreign investment required to succeed in today's global economy.

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5 Advantages to Localizing Your Supply Chain

Don't wait for the next supply shortage to start building relationships with local sellers.

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IAMAI Forms Committee To Address Issues Faced By VC Firms

The committee will play an essential role in highlighting sector-specific challenges faced by portfolio companies of VC firms

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With A Focus On Corporate Governance, Indian Startups Have Potential To Generate 100 Million New Jobs, Says Rajan Anandan

He also expressed the concerns on the changing market growth dynamics with high inflation and interest rates


Most of What You Know About Business Purpose Is Wrong

Just because your business makes a positive impact somewhere along the line doesn't mean it's purpose-driven.


Why Founders Should Care as Much About Fraud as Fundraising

A lapse in corporate governance can often lead to fraud, resulting in catastrophic consequences


Blockchain and Law: Some Insights on Using Blockchain in Governance

Blockchain is an immutable and virtually infinite log and a majority of legal procedures will be supplemented with blockchain in obviating most evidentiary issues

Growth Strategies

Many SMEs Start With Great Plans But Fail To Take The Big Leap

Most small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are aware of the benefits of good governance practice but, faced with limited time and resources, which could be costly in supporting growth ambitions.

Money & Finance

For the Price of One Share of Stock, You Could Influence a Billion-Dollar Company

Individual shareholders can drive big changes when they are actively involved in corporate governance.


Dubai Startup Hub To Host Board of Directors Simulation Training For Entrepreneurs

Ever wanted to know what a board of directors could do for your business? Well, here's your chance to find out- by actually experiencing it.

Growing a Business

You Grew Your Startup, Now Build Your Advisory Board

No company is complete without an advisory board. Here's how to build one.


An IPO Isn't Just a Way to Raise Money -- It Shows a Company Is Mature and Deserving of Trust

Going public means a company meets certain standards of increased corporate governance, responsible leadership and financial transparency.