Starwood Signs First U.S.-Cuba Hotel Deal Since 1959 Revolution

The company will operate two properties in Havana, with an intent to manage a third in the future.


The President Can Go to Cuba, and Now You Can, Too

After an embargo that's lasted decades, the U.S. government is saying '¡si!' to entrepreneurship in the island nation. Here are the new rules for trade.

Priceline Strikes Deal With Cuba to Let Americans Book Hotels

Subsidiary would allow Americans traveling to Cuba to reserve and pay for rooms at a number of Cuban and foreign hotels, starting in several weeks.


Obama Arrives in Cuba on Historic Visit

The president is set to speak with Cuban entrepreneurs on Monday.


Twitter Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: Get a peek of the still unreleased Google Glass Enterprise Edition headset.

Me First! These Airlines All Think They Should Rule Flights to Cuba.

Dramatizing their eagerness for the coveted flights, companies argued why they were best suited for the routes in memos that at times were critical of one another.


Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider Cuba

Just think how your business may benefit from the Cuban's culture, entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to jump start their economy.

Ryan McMunn

President Obama Announces Historic Visit to Cuba

It will be the first U.S. presidential trip to the country in nearly 90 years.


The Challenges of Doing Business in Cuba

Relations are thawing, but entrepreneurs should tread carefully.

Jason Ankeny

The 3 Things to Know Before Doing Business Online in Cuba

¡Bienvenido! Just be sure to consider the factors you'll face, like slow Internet, mobile domination and the absence of brand recognition.

Kyle York

Headed to Cuba for Business? ¡Cuidado!

A startup founder recounts a tale of woe and offers eight tips for how to avoid something similar.

Ryan McMunn

What Cuban Startups Need to Succeed

New tech accelerator teaching business skills from ground up.

Kate Rogers