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Is the Customer Always Right? How to Understand Customer-Centric Thinking to Drive Engagement

"The customer is always right" is not just a rule anymore; it's about exploring why customers want what they want.

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If You Want to Be More Successful Than Your Competition, You Need This Mindset to Win

It's time to make your business less about you and more about your customers.

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The Future is 'Phygital': What Customer Experience Experts Need to Know

Here's how CX teams can adapt to consumer demand for a hybrid physical and digital experience.

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The Power of Purpose: Fostering Authentic Consumer Relationships in an Era of Woke Capitalism.

Brands are enhancing their social responsibility, resulting in a bigger connection to their consumer base.

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Is Your Business Catering to Its Customers Or Its Product?

Product-centric focus can detract from customer experience. Here's how to change that.

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Instructions in Customer Centricity from Jet Airways

Recognize That There is No Such Thing as "My Typical Customer", averages can be deceptive


One Size Does Not Fit All: Customer Centricity Is The Key To Differentiate Your Business

You focus on what those customers want to achieve in their businesses and you evolve your organization around their needs.