Data-Driven Marketing


Why Business Owners Must Rely on Data (and Not Gut Feelings) When Making Marketing Decisions

Business owners often rely on gut feelings and opinions rather than data and metrics when it comes to marketing decisions.

Growing a Business

3 Ways Leaders Can Use Data to Grow in Shrinking Economies

Business leaders need to find a way to make sense of this dynamic environment and use it to their advantage — and they can do so with data. Here's how.

ტექნოლოგიური ტრენდები

Data-driven Marketing-ის მნიშვნელობა ბიზნესისთვის

"ბოლო წლებში განსაკუთრებით პოპულარული გახდა რიცხვებზე დაფუძნებული მარკეტინგული გადაწყვეტილებების მიღება"


Listening to Feedback Is How You Fight Customer Attrition

Customers are talking more than ever -- review sites, social media, or on a company blog's comment string -- but few business owners are listening and taking it to heart.

Growing a Business

5 Things Digital Marketers Can Learn from Amazon Prime's 35 Percent Growth

First off, capitalize on winning strategies.

Social Media

Getting Started With Facebook Audience Insights

Who are the people you're trying to target? This new service will help you find out, in great detail.


What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Online Marketing Agency

Make sure you trust that your agency has your brand's best interest in mind.


A 6-Step Copywriting Formula That Could Boost Your Sales Big-Time

Learn to paint a verbal picture with your copy, and don't be afraid to ask for what you want: a sale.