Kelly Fletcher

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
CEO of Fletcher Marketing PR

Working with regional, national and Fortune 500 companies, Kelly Fletcher has 20 years in the full spectrum of integrated communications, specializing in the art and science of how people process brand messaging, problem-solve and purchase.

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Cómo superar la desconfianza del consumidor y generar credibilidad para que el marketing tenga éxito

La confianza no es solo una palabra de moda, es la piedra angular del panorama empresarial actual. ¿Cómo navegas por este mundo impulsado por la confianza? Esto es lo que necesitas saber.


How to Overcome Consumer Skepticism and Embed Trust for Marketing Success

Trust isn't just a buzzword — it's the cornerstone of today's business landscape. So, how do you navigate this trust-driven world? Here's what you need to know.


What the C-Suite Needs to Know About the True Power of Earned Media

Through debunking common misconceptions and illustrating its impact across the marketing sales funnel, this article urges C-suite members to embrace earned media as a key driver of sustainable growth and brand influence.


Trying to Create Engaging Content for a Niche Industry? Here Are 5 Strategies to Help You Succeed.

Explore effective strategies for crafting specialized content that resonates with niche industries.


Why Clients Feel Overcharged by Marketing Agencies and How to Fix It for Good

Are marketing agencies breaking the bank without delivering the promised results? Dive into the client's dilemma as we uncover the true cost of agency services and explore strategies to bridge the gap between expectations and reality.

Science & Technology

AI Is Considered the "Wild West" — Here's How Marketers Can Rein It In and Ensure Ethical Use

Unleashing the transformative power of AI in marketing is a game-changer. Yet, it's crucial for marketers to tread carefully, fully acknowledging the potential risks and ethical considerations involved.

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