How to Unleash Creativity as a Leader

A strategy to release creative-blocks and find your innovative spirit, by tapping into the power of your innate body intelligence to animate your mind

Business News

Google Is Using AI to Cut Its Power Bill

DeepMind cofounder Demis Hassabis tipped a 15 percent improvement in power efficiency.


Getting In On The Deep Learning Hype

Why it's important to understand and start talking about deep learning.

Business News

Humanity Notches First Go Victory Against Google's AI

Champion Go player Lee Sedol picks up his first win against Google's not-so-unbeatable AlphaGo after three losses.

Science & Technology

Does Google's Buying Spree Mean the Robot Apocalypse Is Near?

Artificial intelligence and robotics are making strides, as seen in Google's acquisition of DeepMind and several other companies. But don't hold your breath for robots that think like people.