Digital Currencies


Why Governments Around The World Are Going All In For Central Bank Digital Currencies

As more governments embrace emerging technologies, we can expect increased collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation in the public sector.


Digital Currencies May Well Be The Way Forward. But Not All Of Them Are Going To Make It.

How can we enjoy the potential benefits of stablecoins, while maximizing trust in the issuers behind them? This is where central bank digital currencies come in.

Money & Finance

Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Inevitable, and Why That's the Best Thing for Current Outdated Financial Systems

CBDCs will optimize financial systems that have grown outdated and failed to meet the world's most pressing needs.

Money & Finance

How This Digital Currency Will Transform The World and Benefit Cashless Societies

Despite common misconceptions, CBDCs offer unique value as vehicles for financial reform capable of improving the lives of those who need it most.

News and Trends

A Bumpy Start For RBI's e-Rupee

With its wholesale and retail pilots being live, will the central bank be able to create a loyal user base?


RBI's Retail e-Rupee Pilot to Kickstart on December 1

In its pursuit to popularize electronic alternate to currency, RBI sticks to its timeline for bringing Digital Rupee to the table

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

How Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 Institutions Can Accelerate Mass Adoption

Mass crypto adoption is growing, and it's time for companies to step into crypto education for consumers.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Make Your Brand a Household Name Using the Power of NFTs

More companies are now turning to NFTs to create instant recognition of their brand.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

7 Ways to Protect Yourself in the World of NFTs

Heighten your awareness and self-preservation against scammers and hackers in this digital marketplace.


Welcome To A New Era: Khalid Elgibali, Division President – MENA, Mastercard

The future of payments is not near- it's already here, says Elgibali as he leads Mastercard's endeavor as Expo 2020 Dubai's Official Payment Technology Partner.


This Crypto Exchange Platform Is Handling $1Bn Worth Crypto Per Month

Founded in 2014 by Rahul Pagidipati, a serial investor, Zebpay is one of the major crypto exchange platforms in the country with over 4 million users and over $1 billion in monthly transaction volumes

Starting a Business

Startup Spotlight: DIFX Co-Founder And CEO Jeetu Kataria Is Aiming To Establish A New Financial Order With Digital Currencies

"Our long-term goal is to establish a new financial order in which digital currency is used to settle transactions directly."

Business News

Elon Musk Says Dogecoin Could Be Cryptocurrency's Future, But Warns Followers to 'Invest With Caution'

The billionaire tycoon may have sparked intense interest in the digital currency, but he also has his own reservations about it.


Decentralized Technologies In Sectors Of the Real Economy

Despite the fact that blockchain is only one type of distributed registry technology, it played a key role in the popularization and development of DLT

Business News

PayPal Will Soon Let US Users Buy, Sell and Shop With Cryptocurrency

The company plans to bring digital currencies to Venmo next year, too.