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How Digital India Revolution Is Shaping the Startup Ecosystem

From the streamlined payment system in the form of UPI to cheap internet and emboldened access, we're in the midst of a revolution that will be termed the beginning of India's digital economy.

Science & Technology

6 Ways to Leverage Technology to Rock Your Digital Relevance

Traditional tactics no longer drive business; it's all about fostering innovation, encouraging risk-taking and embracing new technologies.


Shreyas Talpade on his OTT venture Nine Rasa

The Artist, Actor, Producer & Entrepreneur

Growth Strategies

Life Beyond Numbers: How Conceptual Understanding is more important than ever before

Living in an era of conceptual understanding develops skills such as analytical thinking, logical reasoning and conceptual understanding

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How Digital Revolution Is Accelerating a Shift in Consumer Behavior during Property Search

In addition to searching or buying, instances of availing various loans through digital and mobile platforms are fast increasing