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5 Myths about Blue Collar Employees

Even plumbers, electricians, and cooks depend on their creative abilities and reasoning to do their respective jobs and this is what we need to know

News and Trends

APAC On Its Way to Become a Global Leader in IoT Spending

The region is expected to hit $381.8 billion by 2022

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Power to the People: How Energy Works on the Blockchain and Why Entrepreneurs Should Pay Attention

Most of us can't control where our power is coming from, yet. But, with blockchain, that day is coming; and businesses will benefit.

Growing a Business

5 Ways to Fatten Your Bottom Line by Drastically Cutting Energy Costs

Save energy and you'll save money, too. Here's how.

Growth Strategies

This Energy Company is Set to Triple its Revenues Riding on Indian Power Giants

Jakson Group counts India's top power units like NTPC in its clients list


#5 Key Areas India Needs to Focus On to Climb the Ranks on the Ease of Doing Business List

It's a historic moment as India skipped 30 ranks to be on the 100th position on World Bank's 2017 list


#8 Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Cost

Last year, around 80 per cent of the big companies have emission reduction targets in place, says a recent survey by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Growth Strategies

Smarting Up The Power Grid

The 'Internet of Things' (IoT) devices will soon be able to communicate with the smart grid on deciding the most optimal time to use energy.


A Greener & Clearer Bike That's All Electric

The toxic levels of air pollution hint for an urgent switch to electric vehicles - this start-up is doing exactly that


Now Trade Power With Just A Tap

Mittal Group launches a one-of-its-kind Power Trading app