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Choose Your Emojis Wisely, Some Are Legally Binding, a Canadian Judge Says

In a "novel" case involving a farmer and grain buyer, a judge ultimately ruled that under the circumstances, a thumbs-up emoji can be considered a digital signature.

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ShareChat Closes $520 Million To Reach $5 Billion Valuation

The company aims to empower every Indian by providing platforms to share experiences, discover new opportunities, showcase their talents and make their passion a means of livelihood

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Make the Most Out of Instagram's So-Called Vanity Features

This marketing expert reveals two of the most effective ways to attract more followers on your business's Instagram account.

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What Can Emojis Tell Us About Diversity and Inclusion?

According to a new survey from Adobe, quite a lot.

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The Most Popular Dating App Emoji Is Not What You'd Think

A wink is still a wink, whether it's on Bumble, Hinge, Match, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, or Tinder. But some emoji are total dating facepalms.

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Twitter Launches Facebook-Like Reaction Emojis for DMs

The social network just switched a couple of emoji options


Hershey's Is Changing the Design of Its Iconic Chocolate Bars for the First Time Ever by Adding Emoji

Emoji will be featured on Hershey's bars for a limited time this summer.

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Bitmoji Competitor Genies Raises $10 million

Plus, BuzzFeed News launches a paid membership program and an online tutoring platform, Knack, raises $1.5 million.

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Apple Changed Its Bagel Emoji After Outraged New Yorkers Called the Original Design a 'Monstrosity'

The emoji was changed in the latest version of iOS to a more realistic graphic and has added cream cheese.

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Meet Apple's New Emoji. 3 Things to Know Today.

Stay in the know in 60 seconds.


The 10 Most Popular Emoji in Web Addresses

Did you know you could have a heart … in your URL?

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Apple's New Memoji and Tech Mahindra CEO's Comment on IT Grads. 4 Things to Know Today

Stay tuned to get every day updates in 60 seconds.

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How Emojis Help Build Close-Knit Remote Teams

Sharing emojis and animated gifs can help overcome communication challenges experienced by remote teams.


Science Just Gave Us Another Reason Not to Use Emoji at Work

A new study finds that including smiley faces in messages could unfavorably tip the scales if you're trying to make a good first impression.