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Resumes & Interviewing

How One Bad Hire Can Spoil the Team

Remember the "bad apple" proverb? A bad hire can disrupt workplace culture and synergy.

Growth Strategies

Covid-19 Crisis - Stress Test for Companies' Recruitment and Retention

Know how businesses react to current conditions will shape their future attractiveness to talent and ability to retain staff

Growth Strategies

'Workplace Civility' … The New Challenge for CHROs

The only way CHROs can deliver to the workplace civility agenda is the way the organization handles 'bad news' or has the appetite for handling mistakes in the journey of evolution


Would Human Resource Turn More Resourceful?

The market for startups in human resource (HR) technology space is finally beginning to find backing from companies and investors. But would it be able to turnaround some big success stories?


Now Artificial Intelligence Will Find the Right Job For You

Let's find out how this startup is building a win-win ecosystem for both employers and employees

Operations & Logistics

Good Stuff Happens When You Have an HR Department of 1

Even a single human resources professional can bridge any communication rift arising between employers and employees.

Growth Strategies

High-Impact HR Operating Model – Key To Business Success

A new approach for hiring better and efficient staff.

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Job matching technology from India to empower hiring network in Africa

Aspiring Minds partners with Ringier to launch AMCAT across Africa