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How Large Enterprises Are Becoming More Agile and Saving Millions

Big corporations are starting to think like disruptors, adopting 'codeless integration' processes.


11 Factors That Highlight The Maturing Of The MENA Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Fresh from Entrepreneur Middle East's 2017 Enterprise Agility Forum, here's 11 insights to the growing MENA entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Eight Points Of Reference To Help Grow The MENA Startup Ecosystem

The 2016 edition of Entrepreneur Middle East's Enterprise Agility Forum, presented by du, discussed a variety of topics relating to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with the main themes being on how corporates can support startups better, how SMEs can grow into new markets, and how burn rates need to be managed after an influx of funds.

Growth Strategies

Business Learning Curves: 13 Points Of Reference From The 2015 Enterprise Agility Forum

In the past, small companies used to try to emulate the business practices of corporate giants like Virgin, Google, and Apple. Nowadays, the tables have turned.

Growth Strategies

10 Things SMEs Should Know About Entrepreneurship

A recap of the lessons learnt at Entrepreneur Middle East's 2014 Enterprise Agility Forum, which had the region's most prominent business leaders come together to talk about SMEs in the GCC.

Growth Strategies

Business Learning Curves: 12 Points Of Reference On The Methodology Of Business

Some of the Middle East's most prominent female figures in the business arena share their insights on working and succeeding in the corporate world.