Entrepreneurial Women

This is the face of female micro-entrepreneurship in Mexico and its transformation

The Nenis play a special role in the economic recovery of the country. This is what they think and the supports they require.

Candace Cameron Bure Talks About Being Authentic With Her Fans While Building A Business: 'Money Will Never Get In The Way Of What's True To Me'

For the 'Full House' star, the key to success in business is understanding that her fan base and her customer base are the same.

Emily Rella

Transforming the future of entrepreneurship, the mission of the new generations

When we met Marinka Mellado and Mitchell Mellado, entrepreneurial mother and son, we felt that the growth of the best ventures is not only in families, but also in the opportunities to believe in dreams and achieve goals together.


This movement presented a decalogue of actions to empower Mexican women

At an event, WEDO unveiled its new ambassador and council members in Mexico, who mentioned some of their proposals.

The sisters who created their own corporate gift company collaborating with Mexican artisans

Two years ago Sharon and Michelle Siano founded Bartons, a social impact startup that creates personalized gifts for corporate clients.

Spotify will teach you everything you need to be a podcastera

The free program "Sound Up" will serve to train young Mexican women who do not have the resources to be podcasters.

Nobody believed in her, but this Sonoran is helping to save the world and taking care of your health

For eight years, Ana Eliza has had to overcome obstacles, learn to be a leader of Clean Brands.

Improve your work visibility and take your career to the next level

Learn about the high-impact program Visibility by Women Index, an intensive six-week course in which 12 mentors participate with pre-recorded sessions.

How to be a social entrepreneur with a gender perspective and change the rules of the game

The creatives of the Amnesty International campaign 'Nuestro Grito es Monumento' share their advice to generate a social impact with a digital campaign.

Tips from a 'millennial CEO' to make millennials love working for your company

For practical purposes, what do we of this generation want from a job? Apparently it is a real enigma for human resources departments.

She is the first Latin American recognized by the UN for a green entrepreneurship

Naturesse of the Colombian Natalia Osorio was recognized by the UN as a world benchmark eco-innovator.