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The 3 secrets you need to know to cope with work stress

After suffering a collapse, one of our collaborators reflects on the actions to tame it and learn to live with it ...

Reviving the Sun: Luis Miguel and his relaunch campaign

The life of Luis Miguel, undisputed icon of Mexican pop culture, is on everyone's lips in the super popular Netflix series that seems to be an effort to revive his career. What can we learn from it and its relaunch?

When his wife took her own life, this entrepreneur found his reason for being in the extreme cold

Today Wim Hof is known as The Ice Man, the ice man, and his method has helped thousands of people feel strong in the face of adversity.

Stan Lee, superheroes and the weaknesses of the entrepreneur

He was the legendary creator of some of the most iconic characters in pop culture, including Spider-Man and the Hulk. What can we learn from them? To love our weaknesses ...

John's Parable of the Secret Way to Success

A sales team that fell short of budget, the words of a charismatic boss, and the story of a boy at tennis summer camp give us a clue as to the right path to success.

What an Entrepreneur Can Learn From Dorothy, Toto, and the Wizard of Oz

Next August 25 will be the 82nd anniversary of the premiere of The Wizard of Oz. Epic, unique and unforgettable, the film continues to captivate the viewer and remains current. Today we analyze it from a different perspective: as an allegory of entrepreneurship.

This Marathoner's Story Is a Lesson We Should All Learn as Entrepreneurs

John Bingham had never raced in his life. He started doing it to support a sick friend. What happened next would change him and millions of others forever.

The 6 Commandments of Learning to Accept Criticism

In an age where any comment against us is described as trolling, the ability to accept and grow with criticism seems to have been lost. And as this is here to stay, here we give you the commandments to embrace it and transform it into a force to grow.

Nick Cave and the secret to silencing the voice of doubt

After being questioned about his own insecurities, the mythical Australian singer speaks of that shocking voice that shouts at us from within to make us doubt. It also tells us how to silence it.

Tony Hawk's viral video that shows that entrepreneurship is like jumping into the void on a skateboard

A sweet video that circulates on social networks shows Tony Hawk, master and lord of skateboarding, helping his daughter to jump into the void for the first time on a skateboard. In the fatherly act there is a huge lesson on how to overcome fear.

The Art (and Charm) of Learning to Say No

Saying no connotes selfishness and often comes with a high dose of guilt. But despite everything, it is crucial to know how to say it. Here we tell you why.

Casting and Broken Dreams (or How To Overcome Professional Rejection)

The illusion produced by the idea of reaching our goals will be put to the test at the least expected moment. What to do to continue believing despite professional rejection?

The 'Sunday Blues' and the Unbearable Reality of a Sunday Afternoon

We've all been there: depressed that the weekend (or vacation!) Is over. Sunday work can be absolutely unbearable. What is behind it? How to deal with it?

8 Tips To Keep Your Self-Esteem High When You Start to Doubt

It's easy to say, but maintaining high self-esteem in today's work environment can be difficult. And yet that is exactly what an entrepreneur needs. Here are some tips to achieve it.

The Secret of Entrepreneurial 'Luck' in 3 Simple Steps

We tend to believe that to undertake and succeed you need some luck. A study reveals that it is possible to create good fortune in all areas of your life. How? Keep reading and you will find out.

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