Emily Reynolds Bergh

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Founder at R Public Relations Firm

Emily Reynolds Bergh — vintage-shoe hoarder, cycling junkie, & lover of pink drinks — is a marketing & PR pro with 15+ years of experience under her belt. Now the founder & owner of the award-winning R Public Relations based in New York, she’s been featured in numerous publications & podcasts.

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Esta es la verdad sobre tener un negocio con tu cónyuge: cómo navegar juntos la vida y el trabajo

Trabajar con tu cónyuge —no solo trabajar, sino también ser dueños y dirigir un negocio juntos— tiene muchas ventajas y desventajas. Aprender qué funciona mejor para los dos como equipo requiere práctica, paciencia, prueba y error, y mucha negociación.


The Truth About Being in Business With Your Spouse — How to Navigate Work and Life Together

Working with your spouse — not just working with them but also owning and running a business together — has many advantages and disadvantages. Learning what works best for the two of you as a team takes practice, patience, trial and error and a whole lot of negotiation.


5 formas de tener una buena relación con los medios de comunicación (y mantenerla)

Cuando estás tratando de crear un nombre tanto para ti como para tu negocio, es realmente importante que tengas una buena relación con los medios de comunicación, y que la mantengas.


5 Ways to Get on the Media's Good Side (and Stay There)

When you're trying to make a name and a mark for yourself and your business, it's really important to get on the media's good side — and stay there.


Good Manager vs. Good Leader — Which One Are You?

There are different types of bosses, with different types of strengths. Some are great at getting things done, some are great at motivating others to get things done. The marketplace needs both — but it's awfully hard to find an exceptional manager and an exceptional leader all in the same individual.


How to Prepare for a Podcast Appearance

Podcasts are a great vehicle for promoting yourself, your brand, and your vision. They have an expansive reach to an unlimited number of listeners and an evergreen shelf life on the web. Because they're so widespread and continually available, you'll want to make your podcast interview as effective and impactful as possible.

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