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Digital Trackside: F1 Ticket Provider Platinum Group Launches NFT Tickets For Fans

The NFT tickets were announced ahead of Monaco Grand Prix scheduled from May 26 to 28 and will now be available for all the upcoming 16 races.


4 F1 Racing Lessons That Can Accelerate Your Career

For F1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, these racing lessons are second nature, but they don't just apply to the tracks — they can also help to position you as a leader and accelerate your success as an entrepreneur.


F1 Delta Time, uno de los primeros juegos NFT, ha dejado de operar

Lanzado hacer tres años, el juego anunció su cierre debido a que no pudo renovar la licencia con la Fórmula 1.

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F1 Delta Time, one of the first NFT games, has shut down

Launched three years ago, the game announced its closure due to the fact that it could not renew the licensing deal with Formula 1.