Did You Register Your Drone? You Could Get Your Money Back.

It turns out the FAA isn't actually allowed to have a drone registry, so the agency is offering to refund your money and expunge your data from the record.

Court Strikes Down FAA's Drone Registration Rule

Ostensibly enacted to improve safety, the requirement that recreational drone pilots register their craft with the FAA is nevertheless unlawful, a court ruled.

Why Businesses That Use Drones Are Excited About Today

The FAA's new Part 107 rule goes into effect, easing regulations for commercial operators of unmanned aircraft systems.

FAA Proposes Two New Fines Against Amazon Over Hazardous Shipments

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said on Wednesday it is proposing $130,000 in civil fines against the ecommerce giant for two new violations of shipping products.

U.S. Issues New Rules on Small Low-Altitude Commercial Drones

The use of drones for deliveries from companies such as Amazon and Alphabet, however, will require separate regulation.

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FAA Proposes Fining Amazon $350,000 for Hazardous Package

The penalty is the largest fine the FAA has proposed imposing on Amazon, which the agency said has had a series of at least 24 hazardous materials violations in recent years.

FAA Predicts More Than 7 Million Drones Will Be in the Sky by 2020

Most will be used for industrial inspection and real estate photography, it expects.

Like It Or Not, Drones Will Soon Be Buzzing Overhead

FAA chief Michael Huerta says new rules and tools for drones are being developed faster than skeptics thought possible.

FAA Working on Rules That Will Allow Drones to Fly Over People

Authorization to fly over people would be vital to the kind of package delivery services envisioned by Amazon.com Inc. and Alphabet Inc.'s Google.

Attention Drone Owners: Flying Robots Near the Super Bowl Is Not OK

The FAA has warned drone owners that 'deadly force' may be used if they violate a 32-mile no-fly zone around Levi's Stadium this Sunday.
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FAA Opens Up Drone Registration Program

If you get an unmanned aircraft system in your stocking this year, the FAA wants to know about it.

Truck Firm Wants to Deploy Delivery Drones on the Move

Amazon's drone-delivery service may be a little fanciful, but it looks as if another company is working to make something similar to it a reality.

Amazon Insists Federal Rules Apply to U.S. Deliveries by Drone

The e-retailing giant says local communities should not be allowed to regulate unmanned aerial systems authorized by federal aviation regulators.

Senators Push Bill to Legalize Commercial Drones

Could drone-filled skies soon be a reality?
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FAA's Relaxed Drone Rules Could Mean Big Changes for Industry

New research partnerships could allow for wider commercial drone applications in coming years.