facial recognition

Business News

A College Is Removing Its Vending Machines After a Student Discovered They Were Using Facial-Recognition Technology

The smart vending machines at the University of Waterloo first gained attention on Reddit.

Science & Technology

Your Face is the Future of Targeted Marketing. Here's Why Businesses Should Use Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology compliant with global data privacy laws can open new doors for targeted marketing campaigns.


This Tea Shop Now Tracks Your Face, Makes it Password for Subsequents

Even business of serving and enjoying tea is now technology-driven in India


5 Ways How the Power of Technology Ideation Helps in Ensuring Safety

Technological advances have allowed cameras to be smaller and perfect for people who want to implement covert CCTV

Science & Technology

What Tech Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Startup That Beat Google

Facial-recognition experts at NTechLab kept a laser focus -- building credibility and buzz that allowed their company to expand across multiple industries.

Social Media

People Can't Stalk Your Profile Through Face Recognition Apps -- Yet

Announcement of an app that can identify faces in a crowd was a hoax, but the technology is entirely possible.


We Know You Love Our Product: We Can See It in Your Face

Facial recognition software is changing the way marketers market. Creepy? Or amazing? You decide.