5 Ways How the Power of Technology Ideation Helps in Ensuring Safety Technological advances have allowed cameras to be smaller and perfect for people who want to implement covert CCTV

By Sunity Choudhary

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Safety is a prerequisite to every human existence as it holds the very sanctity of one's individuality. If and when trespassed, it can stand to be a major cause of distress. When it comes to crucial information of personal safety, one should be extra cautious. There are offices who work 24x7 and employees travel at odd hours, which is a serious safety issue. However, with the use of latest technology based on mobility like GPS, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth allow the access of information anytime and anywhere. With the help of these user-friendly technologies, one can track the location of a vehicle or a person in real-time and can update the concerned person about their safety during their commute or at workplaces. It not only assures safe commute to employees at odd hours, but also has a greater control over corporate companies to manage their fleet vehicles. Here are five ways how technology is creating a safety-enabled world:

1. GPS Devices

Keeping constant vigilance is difficult, especially when the majority of the modern-age crimes happen in moving vehicle. Thanks to new innovation and technology developments as GPS enabled devices can prevent discrepancies. GPS empowered cabs or fleet vehicles can help employees or the organization to keep a track on vehicle's mobility anytime and anywhere. Any violation of safety such as over speeding, taking odd routes, halting vehicle, etc, are tracked with these devices. Employees can raise an alarm during odd hours or any suspicious action or vehicle's movement in real time. This helps in keeping a moral pressure on people involved, as all the vehicle and driver data are collated together.


Radio-centric technology also has contributed greatly to ensuring safety. Radio Frequency Identification scanners in cab/bus and chip in employee cards are aiding in the said area as it helps organizations in keeping tabs on their employees and the designated vehicles. Actual movement in and out will be recorded in real-time, leaving zero scopes for data manipulation. This helps in keeping an actual data book of whereabouts to prevent crimes from happening firsthand at workplaces.

3. Facial Recognition

For another even more impressive option, there is software that actually memorizes the mathematical structure of the face and grant access to files. Minute details like the distance between your eyes register with your computer's memory, enabling it to discern between your visage and somebody else's. In cabs and buses, these features can be beneficial as it will not allow any unauthorized person to enter the vehicle or the workplace without their facial recognition. As duplication of facial features is nearly impossible, we have a winner at hand.

4. Mobile Devices

Smartphones play an important role in our life when it comes to safety. Every employee carries a smartphone to their workplace and organizations every time. It can be their biggest safety tool as during an emergency, one can share their location in real time, raise an alarm to the right authority while keeping the privacy in-tact in order to avoid wrongdoing by people involved. These days, smartphone manufacturers have started to equip their devices with a host of safety features such as one-touch redial, voice-activated messaging, built-in speakerphones and much more.

5. Robust CCTV Systems

Days of a hazy picture and cluttered camera movements are gone! Pictures have become less grainy and cameras have become more flexible. Technological advances have allowed cameras to be smaller and perfect for people who want to implement covert CCTV. Many office, vehicles and cabs are now equipped with cameras to ensure the safety of all employees even when they are commuting.


Safety has gone beyond the plain practices as technology strives to embolden the net of safety, weaving it with sturdy strings. With time, it is soon primed to become impenetrable where laws would be validated in just terms. With the advancement of technologies, our safety is also improving. These above-mentioned platforms are providing us handy and user-friendly tools to ensure the safety of employees or anyone for that matter. These are secure technologies that notify the right authority or employees of any threat at any time, no matter where the person is and can be operated without any worries.

Sunity Choudhary

Co-Founder and COO of Asti Infotech

Sunity Choudhary is the Co-Founder and COO of Asti Infotech. With a strong passion for solving real problems of people around fired up the spirit of entrepreneurship in Sunity Choudhary to innovate and create transformative solutions that would leverage her rich experience and expertise in product development and zeal for technology. Her firm determination led to the establishment of Asti Infotech Private Limited in 2013 with an aim to ‘exploit the new technologies on the horizon to place simple and handy solutions in the hands of a fast growing potential customer base in the mobile and internet space.

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