Facial Recognition Technology

Portland, Oregon Imposes Strict Ban on Facial-Recognition Technology

Private businesses and government agencies can't use facial-recognition technology starting on January 1 next year.

Stephanie Mlot

Facebook Users Can Sue Over Facial Recognition, Court Rules

Facebook users in Illinois claim the tech giant violated the state's Biometric Information Privacy Act, which requires companies to obtain consent when collecting their biometric information.

Michael Kan

Oakland, California Bans Facial Recognition

Oakland follows San Francisco and Somerville, Massachusetts in banning the facial recognition technology because of possible misuse.

Adam Smith

U.K. Police Need to Put the Brakes on Facial Recognition

Police in the U.K., backed by the government, are testing a facial-recognition system that is 20 percent accurate and treating those who avoid its gaze as potential suspects.

Adam Smith

Teen Sues Apple for $1 Billion Over False Arrest

Ousmane Bah alleges Apple linked his face to that of a thief who'd stolen his ID.

Matthew Humphries

How this Adtech Firm uses AI to Ensure Audience sees Relevant In-video Ads

The digital tool can identify brand logos, faces, emotions and objects, but what about consumer's privacy?

Pooja Singh

2019: New & Emerging Technologies in Gaming

Gamers need an internet connection and they can extract any game, any time they want from the cloud as major active companies bringing cloud gaming services

Rajan Navani

What Makes China the World Leader in AI

A latest research from Dentsu Aegis Network shows that people in China are the most optimistic about the impact of digital technology

Komal Nathani

China Leaves US Behind With $5 Billion AI Investment

The influence of the Chinese government plays a key role in attracting investment

Nidhi Singh

This Tea Shop Now Tracks Your Face, Makes it Password for Subsequents

Even business of serving and enjoying tea is now technology-driven in India

Rahul R

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Facial Recognition Technology

The opportunities are intriguing, as long as ethical concerns are managed appropriately.