Family Business

Relevance of Second Generation Family Businesses in the Age of Conglomerates and Disruptors

Strategies keep evolving every now and then, but it is a strong culture that can weather continual changes in any industry

Milan Thakkar

Free Webinar: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business

Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel.

How This 38-year-old is Bringing About Innovation Into His Father's Dreams

As a part of Greenply, Shobhan has solely spearheaded a number of innovations, like introducing the engineered panel division, which manufactures, markets and exports medium density fiberboard (MDF, a wood product) and flooring solutions.

Sugandh Bahl

How Junior Shah is Spearheading Her Father's Business, Alongside Her Own Venture

Akshali formally joined Parag Milk Foods only after completing her MBA. Today, she is the brain behind its premium product Pride of Cows.

Sugandh Bahl

Ethos Behind Rendering GenNext Leader

Indian family businesses will let the biggest opportunities pass them by if they fail to create next-gen leaders, tapping the demographic dividend within family businesses.

5 Things One Should Keep in Mind While Joining the Family Business

Joining the family business though can be gratifying also comes with its own set of challenges

These Tips Will Help Entrepreneurs Prepare the Next Generation for Family Business

Leadership change in a family business is acknowledged to be an extremely intricate procedure and often becomes a balancing act

This Modi Scion Shows How The GenNext Entrepreneurs Are Transitioning Family Business To Tech

"With favourable government policies and an advanced banking regulator, fintech sector is prepared to intensify and diversify its impact"

Business Scions Back in Schools to Build Their Own Niche

Besides contributing to family businesses, these heirs are over enthusiastic to set up their own enterprise

Komal Nathani

This Company Deviated From Traditional Business to Grow Bigger

Srei is now one of India's largest infrastructure equipment company with consolidated assets worth $5.5 billion

What Must Entrepreneurs Consider When Hiring Leaders for Their Business Abroad

Ramachandran does not think an external leader should necessarily lead an enterprise's pack abroad.

Aashika Jain

Young Sons-in-law Who Will Write The Future Success Of These Family Business

How HCL, Hero MotoCorp, Max and India's largest meat exporting firm are bringing new minds to work.

Ritu Kochar