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Q2 Results: An Analysis of How Banks Fared this Quarter

While Customer Deposits and Retail deposits helped IDFC, Agriculture and Corporate loans boosted SBI's earnings. Additionally, BoB saw growth in Auto Loan, Home Loan, Personal Loan, Mortgage Loan and Education Loan and Bank of India saw growth in Retail Credit, Agriculture Credit, and MSME Credit

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Sebi Extends Relaxation On Sending Hard Copies Of Financial Statements

Earlier, the regulator had reportedly given similar relaxations to listed companies till December 2022

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Independence Of CAs Is Important For Integrity Of Financial Statements, Says Nirmala Sitharaman

As the adoption of new technology is necessary for a transparent accounting system, the minister said that the accounting fraternity must examine how new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud computing could be employed

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What Every Startup Must Do to Get Investor Ready

Raising capital isn't easy, but luckily you can make all the right things ahead of time to be good to go when opportunity knocks. Fortune favors the prepared founder.

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How to Disclose Company Financials . . . Like a Boss

Approach transparency in the right way and you'll only enhance your business's profits and productivity.

Growing a Business

Is The Business Broker Working for You or Your Buyer?

Good timing often short-circuits skepticism and due diligence. Before diving in, find out where everyone's interests lie.

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3 Ways Emerging Entrepreneurs Run Financially Sound Businesses

These tips can help your company make the most of the investments it has earned.

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Tracking This Metric Will Give You Vital Perspectives on Your Business

With your revenue and costs of goods/services, you can adjust prices or fill holes.

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Heavy Growth Puts Drag on Amazon's Bottom Line

Big spending and lower-than-expected forecast for the holiday season put a cloud over the e-commerce giant's shares.

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Determining When You Should Hire a Full-Time Accountant

Often entrepreneurs don't have the core competencies to understand accounting, which could result in a startup failing. Here is how an entrepreneur should approach hiring an accountant or outsourcing her financial tasks to ensure success.

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Have a Burning Business Question? Ask the Expert: Alex Katz.

Assisting entrepreneurs for years with startup finances, this month's expert Alex Katz is looking to take people's questions relating to bookkeeping, payroll, financial statement preparation, tax issues and more.

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These Numbers, Used Properly, Can Help You See Problems in Advance

You're probably already receiving financial statements, but are they doing you any good? Here's what your metrics should look like.


The 7 Deadly Financial Sins of Small Businesses

While the 'average Joe' can breathe a sigh of relief that tax season is behind him, small-business owners can't do the same. To ensure entrepreneurs keep their finances on track all year around, here are seven mistakes to avoid.

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7 Deadly Sins of Financial Management (Infographic)

Minding the books while trying to gather insights from fiscal data is difficult. Update to modern technology. Cloud computing offers answers.

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6 Things You Didn't Know About Your Financial Statements

The information could be useful, if it's prepared correctly and you know what to look for.