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New Forex Reporting Formats Can Bring Greater EU Compliance for Institutions

The quality of reporting data for traders are emerging at a rapid rate, and this added level of transparency can help improve MiFID regulatory compliance.

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India's Forex Reserves Fall By $2.39 Billion To $560 Billion

As per the reports, the exchange reserves recovered last week and stood at $562.40 billion as of the week ended March 3, 2023

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India Must Prepare To Manage Volatility Risks In Forex Market, Says RBI Deputy Governor

The deputy governor said that India has increasingly aimed to promote trade denominated in Rupees

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India Has Sufficient External Buffers: Fitch

The rating agency also added that domestic factors are the primary driver of the RBI's current monetary policy tightening

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The Mexican 50 peso bill is the most beautiful in the world!

It was recognized by the International Bank Note Society in a contest in which more than 100 banknotes from different parts of the world participated.

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17 MoUs that will boost India and Germany business ties

According to the External Affairs ministry, seventeen pacts have been signed between India and Germany in the field of horticulture, maritime innovation, ayurveda and yoga among others.


Why Tencent Co-founder Chose This Fintech Startup As the First Investment in Singapore

The company provides foreign exchange (FX) technology solutions to non-bank remittance companies and liquidity providers


This 20-year-old Finance Company has Come Up with a Prepaid Card that can Replace Debit Cards

Set up immediately after the 1991 economic liberalization, the firm knows how to make the most of economic reforms like digitization

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If You're a Startup Looking to Capitalize on U.S.-China Border Investments, Here's How

Large M&A teams and venture capital funds are taking hold at China's tech companies, and they're shopping for companies over here.


Offline and Online -Tips to Get the Best Forex Deal Before any Travel

Fortunately, with the advent of Online Portals, Foreign Exchange purchase has become more streamlined, transparent and easy to acquire.

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How This Corporate Honcho Created India's First-ever Currency Exchange Market Online

"When you are a big corporate person, everyone answers your phone. When you are an entrepreneur, all of that changes"

Growth Strategies

#5 Ways This Company Is Helping Indian Entrepreneurs Scale In Australia

The company focuses on the wealth management of family offices in Australia.


How an Entrepreneur Can Manage Forex Needs Smartly

If your business involves frequent travel abroad,here's a quick guide to help you manage your Forex needs.