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How This California Scammer Used the Competitive Real Estate Market to Steal Millions

Adolfo Schoneke, his sister Bianca Gonzalez and other co-conspirators orchestrated a scheme that spanned years.

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Three Men Behind Last Year's $100 Million Publicly Traded New Jersey Deli Charged In Alleged Stock Fraud Campaign

The orchestrated scheme helped a local New Jersey deli sport a market capitalization of $100 million.

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'I Gave Him My Life Savings': Investors Sue Swindler Selling Tiny Homes on TikTok for Fraud

Matt Sowash, founder of the Colorado-based nonprofit Holy Ground Tiny Homes, is facing two lawsuits.

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Prosecutors Say This Mother-Daughter Duo Disputed $850,000 In Real Transactions To Get Free Stuff

The Long Island mother and daughter are being charged with larceny and fraud.

Science & Technology

Video Ad Tech You Can't Ignore

Just as video is keeping the online advertising landscape under its reign, video ad tech stays in the limelight as one of the key staples affecting video ad campaign effectiveness.

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Men Charged in Phony Sports-Memorabilia Scheme Spanning More Than a Decade

Among the allegedly forged items are paintings, baseballs, baseball bats, celebrity photographs and books, record albums and more.

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Secret Service Has Seized More Than $100 Million in Crypto Over the Past 7 Years

The Secret Service is keeping close tabs on fraudulent activity, seizing more than $102 million in crypto in 254 cases since 2015.

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Former Yale Administrator Stole More Than $40 Million From the University to Fund Lavish Lifestyle

The ex-employee's real-estate purchases include three Connecticut properties and a property in Georgia.

Science & Technology

What European Business Owners Need to Know About E-Commerce Fraud

Retailers must find a balance between fraud losses, fraud prevention costs, and lost sales.

Science & Technology

How Fraudsters Steal Your Data in the Digital Age

Companies and individuals need to take steps to protect themselves from fraud.

Science & Technology

The Technologies Consumers Can Use to Combat Fraud

Consumer identity theft and online fraud are at an all-time high.

Business News

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Admits to Inaccuracies in Her First Major Cover Story

The ex-CEO was confronted with inaccuracies in an article that discussed Theranos' technological capabilities.

Business News

Elizabeth Holmes Unexpectedly Takes the Stand to Defend Herself in Theranos Trial

The disgraced CEO of the now-defunct Theranos will continue her testimony on Monday.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Can Crypto Scammers Be Stopped Without Government Regulation?

It's predictably easy for crypto fraudsters to take advantage of a volatile market that values privacy and anonymity.

Debt / Loans / Refinancing

I Went to Prison for SBA Loan Fraud: 7 Things to Know When Taking COVID-19 Relief Money

Don't let desperation cloud your judgment.