Fund raising

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FAAD Receives Sebi Approval To Launch INR 300 Crore AIF

The network, which is sector agnostic, will build the war chest over the coming months to invest across sectors in early-stage pre-Seed to Series A technology companies

Growth Strategies

5 Different Ways to Raise Capital for your Startup at the Idea Stage

If you are struggling to raise capital, here follows the five proven ways to fund your startup at the idea stage

Growth Strategies

Why You Should Not Under-Capitalize Your Venture

You don't necessarily need piles of capital to start your business, but you do need the appropriate amount of capital. How to work out the right level of capital?


How can I Start a Startup as a Beginner?

Raising money is not your primary job, building a business is


3 Things to Keep in Mind While Deciding the Funding Path for Your Startup

The boom in entrepreneurship has initiated alternative financing methods


Five Things to Keep in Mind while Raising Funds through an ICO

ICOs are nothing but crowdfunding campaigns in which contribution is in the form of cryptocurrencies.


How These Young Fellows Raised Money by Artificial Intelligence

The way these brilliant people want to use AI differs, but all of them are working with significant figures when it comes to funds

Starting a Business

Want to be An Entrepreneur but Have No Funds? Here's How you Can Raise Them

Banks That Are Start-up-friendly Offer Credit Facilities and Overdrafts to Ventures That Meet Their Lending Requirements

Growth Strategies

What Impelled VC-Backed Firms' Founders To Turn Angels

As an entrepreneur, one is probably well invested in one's own venture in terms of real and sweat equity.


Moving from Capitalism Towards a Giving Economy

People have used crowdfunding platforms for every occasion in their personal lives. From weddings, baby showers, vacations, medical emergencies and even funerals.


Gender was Never a Concern For These Two Women Investors

Rema Subramanian and Ritu Verma gate-crashed the territory, which was predominately dominated by the big, industry boys

Buying / Investing in Business

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Large-Business Fund-Raising Tactics

New legislation, if passed by the Senate, would allow small businesses to issue stock shares on an accelerated schedule.


Experience Of The Senior Manager Never Gets Old

Thousands of senior managers are retiring from the corporate world after spending almost four decades in specialized and general management positions in major and smaller corporations.