Experience Of The Senior Manager Never Gets Old

Thousands of senior managers are retiring from the corporate world after spending almost four decades in specialized and general management positions in major and smaller corporations.

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By Ashutosh Garg


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A majority of start-ups all over the world are founded by young men and women in their twenties and possibly in their early thirties. While the ideas are excellent and their energy levels are great, most start ups start to falter within a couple of years because of poor or inadequate control systems, over aggressive scaling up, weak financial planning, insufficient focus on people management etc.

At the same time, thousands of senior managers are retiring from the corporate world at the young age of between 60 and 65 years after spending almost four decades in specialized and general management positions in major and smaller corporations. Yet they clearly have at least another decade of work inside them. They know what it is like to run businesses and tackle the challenges of building them.

Passion of the Young with Wisdom of the Old
There is a huge opportunity to bring together the vision of the entrepreneur and the experience of the older manager in an unobtrusive and non-threatening manner. Not every senior manager has the energy or the risk taking capability to start off on their own. The older managers, in the twilight of their careers, are not yet ready to hang up their gloves. They are looking to stay occupied, earn some money, and give back their life's learnings. Further, these senior citizens will be much more stable for a start-up – they will not resign and walk away in a hurry because another exciting opportunity has come up.

Bringing Best to the Table
In addition to watching the back of the entrepreneur and guiding them when the ship hits troubled waters, such individuals will also bring in strong knowledge gained through several years of experience in areas like:

  • Good Governance Practices: All start-ups should normally be started with the objective of building a strong and stable business which can mature into an institution. A strong Ashutosh Garg, Founder and Chairman, Guardian Pharmacies senior partner will ensure that the entrepreneur focuses on building good governance and transparent practices in the organisation. Even something as mundane as ensuring board meetings are held on time. Properly recording the meeting minutes is where start-ups have been known to slip up.
  • Fund Raising: While most startups are looking for funding from angel Investors and private equity investors, there is a large domain of raising funds from banks through debt and working capital financing. A good senior finance expert will bring in contacts and experience to reach out to the banking system.
  • External Relations: Most businesses, irrespective of the sector they are addressing, need a strong connect with the external world. These connections could be with bureaucrats, politicians, environmental activists or the local councilor. A strong and experienced senior citizen will have the patience to handle these external challenges.
  • Legal Processes: In addition to hiring legal help during formation and fund raising, most businesses are faced with a lot of legal challenges. Once again, an older and more experienced manager will bring wisdom in handling such matters.

Teamwork - All it Takes Having mentored several entrepreneurs, I have seen the value of a person who has "been there done that". For the entrepreneur, it is a very lonely job and there are very few people he can trust. I have often said that the combination of young energetic legs with grey hair would be a win-win combination for all start-ups. To draw a parallel from hockey or football, the entrepreneur is the centre forward rushing to shoot goals and the older manager is the goal keeper who will protect the companies turf and ensure that self-goals are not scored!

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Ashutosh Garg

Chairman, Guardian Pharmacy and Book Author

Ashutosh Garg, an MBA worked for ITC Limited for 17 years, leaving in 1995 as Managing Director of one of the ITC group companies, based in Singapore. Thereafter he spent 8 years in the aerospace industry.He founded Guardian Pharmacy in India in 2003 and grew it to the second largest pharmacy chain in India. He also brought in GNC as a partner to India. He exited from the company he founded in August 2016. 

Ashutosh served as a director of the GAVI Vaccine Alliance for 8 years. He is Chairman of Bizdome, a Startup Incubator of the Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak. He has also served on the Advisory Council of the Centre for Policy Research and continues to serve on the boards of several companies.

He was recognized as a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, Switzerland. He is an active member of the Young Presidents’ Organization and is the Chairman elect for YPO Gold, South Asia for the period 2017 - 19.

He has written 5 highly acclaimed best sellers titled “The Buck Stops Here – my journey from manager to entrepreneur”;“The Corner Office"; "Reinvent Reboot Rewire. Managing Retirement in the 21st Century"; "The Buck Stops Here - Learnings of a Startup Entrepreneur" and "An Eye for an Eye".He writes regularly for various online publications like Times of India, Business Insider, Inc., Entrepreneur, The Quint and Big Decisions.

An avid golfer, he plays the Indian flute and enjoys reading and listening to Indian classical and vocal music.

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