Growing a Business

3 Essential Funding Factors to Consider If You Want Your Startup to Bloom

Companies must employ strategic measures to enhance their chances of securing vital financial backing in a market plagued by waning investor sentiment. Here are some valuable tips for businesses that seek to navigate the challenging landscape better, bolster investor confidence and raise funds.


Why Explainer Videos Are Essential for Startup Success

Explainer videos are essential tools for startups seeking seed funding. Explainer videos improve understanding, showcase the product's USP, demonstrate market potential, build credibility and trust, and offer a competitive advantage.


Funding Your Values-Based Business: How to Clarify Your Goals and Values in Preparation for Fundraising

With proper fundraising planning, you will reap positive outcomes and ensure your business continues to be a source of pride and joy for years to come.

Growing a Business

How Nonprofits Can Secure a Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorships can have plenty of benefits for your nonprofit — follow these strategies to secure more money.

Starting a Business

How To Raise Capital For A New Business Idea

These practical methods and tools are available to entrepreneurs who want to raise money to create their own new businesses.

Growing a Business

5 Ways to Fundraise and Grow a Solid Endowment

A growing endowment is critical to the future of any nonprofit entity, but it can be challenging to achieve. Here are five strategies that can help you grow your endowment in effective and sustainable ways.


How Tim Cadogan Used His Past Experience to Lead GoFundMe Through the Pandemic

Thirteen leadership lessons from the CEO of the world's largest fundraising platform.

News and Trends

Lendingkart Picks Additional INR 86.24 cr to Close Series D Funding at INR 319 cr

The fintech startup had raised INR 233 crore in August 2019 in first tranche of series D round and today announced fresh funding of INR 86.24 crore as part of D2

Growth Strategies

Revealing the Dirty Little Startup Secret

It's time to innovate innovation and get rid of our antiquated ways of thinking


#5 Important Aspects Every Entrepreneur Should Consider Before Starting a Business

Youngsters today are more interested in starting their own business rather than working for MNCs


5 Reasons Bootstrapping Your Business is the Best Thing You Can Do

Investors know those companies that are bootstrapped know how to run the business and ensure equity.


5 Ways To Fund Your Business Without Angel Investors

What do you think is the best way to fund your company and do you have any experiences with angel investors?


Funding Roundup: Know Which Startup Grabbed Investors' Attention Yesterday

Missed your daily update on the startup funding scenario? Not to worry!


Outlook of Indian eCommerce In 2016

FDI policy will ensure that performance driven companies will succeed against funded companies.


What Will NOT Get You Funding

Here are five more no-nos from investors: