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The Gamer Gal: Kaashvi Hiranandani

Are there any game-related skills she's learnt that have helped her in real life? She replies with two- the importance of one's approach to various situations and maintaining a positive mindset in the face of challenges

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Until Now, Only AI Could Beat Nintendo's Tetris. Enter This 13-Year-Old Kid.

"I'm going to pass out," he said. "I can't feel my fingers."


Ahmed Navaaz aka Chill Gamer: A Gamer of the Long Run

With 7.31 million subscribers on YouTube, Navaaz believes in striving for the best when it comes to entertaining his subscribers


Alianza entre Itaú y GamerSafer busca traer mayor seguridad bancaria a usuarios de Discord

GamerSafer, la startup que trabaja para brindar seguridad en la industria gaming, reforzará la seguridad de los clientes del banco en plataformas populares entre los jugadores.


Hospitales contratan gamers para acompañar a pacientes

Niños enfermos juegan videojuegos para divertirse y olvidarse por un momento de las enfermedades que los aquejan.

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Meet KBubblez, The 22-Year-Old Who Made $500,000 Gaming

Gaming has surged in popularity this year, and the industry is expected to exceed $170 billion in revenue by the end of 2020. Here's the story of how one 22-year-old built her brand and became a full-time gamer.