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While Many Jewelry Brands Struggle to Stand the Test of Time, This One Reached Milestone 40th Anniversary

APM Monaco is a brand that creates high-quality jewelry featuring both classic and creative designs that are offered at a reasonable price point compared to other luxury jewelry labels


Redefining Luxury And Expression This Festive Season

Zoya has evolved to be a Gen Z jewelry brand that has constantly progressed from the stereotypes of luxury as a display of status

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How The Gems Industry Lost Its Lustre Due To COVID-19

The nationwide lockdown has further depleted the liquidity flow in the jewellery industry


This Indian Brand is Acing the Astrologically Relevant Market of Gemstones

Entrepreneur India traces the exemplary journey of Gem Selections with the organization's founder and MD, Pankaj Khanna


150 Year Old Jewellery Brand Reveals its Recipe of Constant Growth

In a candid conversation with, Chaitanya V Cotha, Sales Associate and one of the Directors of CKC Group reveals the secret of growing and handling a 150-year-old company.


How Technology Has Changed the Traditional Gems and Jewellery Industry

Technology plays a vital role in the designing and manufacturing process of ornaments, especially with the CAD and CAM software along with the 3D printers in the market

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One Year of Demonetization: How Tough It Has Been for the Gold Industry

The industry is observing Indians moving away from the bullion market