While Many Jewelry Brands Struggle to Stand the Test of Time, This One Reached Milestone 40th Anniversary APM Monaco is a brand that creates high-quality jewelry featuring both classic and creative designs that are offered at a reasonable price point compared to other luxury jewelry labels

By Darby Jones

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The earliest traces of jewelry are dated back to civilizations near the Mediterranean around 3,000 to 400 BC, according to Gem Society. Jewelry is an essential part of daily life for many people, and the global jewelry market size is projected to reach 266.53 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

Jewelry is a timeless part of everyday life, but it can sometimes be challenging for consumers to find quality brands to build out their collections without breaking the bank. APM Monaco is a brand that creates high-quality jewelry featuring both classic and creative designs that are offered at a reasonable price point compared to other luxury jewelry labels. While APM uses the same reliable manufacturing processes, the brand is able to sell their pieces at affordable prices thanks to using components such as zirconia stones and silver.

APM Monaco embodies both the rich history of the jewelry industry — being from the Mediterranean sea, just as the original jewelry came from — as well as embodying the pure essence of Monaco. The brand was founded in the 1980s by Ariane Prette — aka where "APM Monaco'' was born: Ariane Prette Monaco. Her son, Philippe and his wife, Kika, are now Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer, respectively.

In addition to the deep family roots in both Monaco and the jewelry industry, the Prette's also are deeply involved in the racing industry. Philippe has won the Ferrari Challenge Asia five times, while his son, Louis, has won the Ferrari Challenge Europe once. So, it made perfect sense for the brand to celebrate its 40th anniversary at the Monaco Grand Prix.

To commemorate its landmark 40th anniversary, APM Monaco arranged three exciting new initiatives – or "firsts" – for the brand. First, APM Monaco introduced a new partnership with champion racer Charles Leclerc, who wore the company logo on his racing suit. Additionally, APM Monaco leaned into their innovative new media relationships with French Youtuber and influencer, Lena Mahfouf — also known as Lena Situations — and French model and one of APM Monaco's primary brand ambassadors, Thylane Blondeau. Finally, the APM Monaco team also facilitated a collaboration with the MK Club, one of Monaco's best-known and most iconic venues.

Additionally, the 40th anniversary of APM brought about a new collection called "Yummy Bears." It includes beautifully designed jeweled teddy bear pendants that can be worn on necklaces, bracelets, or however their owners may wish to use them. APM Monaco has a storied history of exciting new collections in its consumer-facing brand's 10 year life. APM Monaco releases a new collection every month with 40 to 50 original pieces in each collection. Additionally, APM Monaco brilliantly pairs each collection with unique social media content as well as musical playlists illustrating the vibe of the collection.

AMP Monaco's May collection venerated the Cannes Film Festival. The aptly named, FESTIVAL Collection emphasizes the grandeur of red carpet events, with bigger statement pieces. On the other hand, APM Monaco's June collection focuses on toned-down, smaller pieces perfectly suited for long summer days. Connected by the high quality of the pieces, APM Monaco strives to create collections with as much variety as possible in order to provide meaningful jewelry to all types of consumers. To that point, enthusiasts can personalize bracelets, necklaces, plates, and more with APM Monaco's MÉTÉORITES Collection.

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