Imágenes generadas por DALL-E estarán a la venta en Shutterstock

El popular banco de imágenes ha cerrado un trato con OpenAI para ofrecer a los usuarios imágenes creadas a partir de sus herramientas de inteligencia artificial.

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Meet the Executive Leading the Charge to Change Stereotypical 'Women at Work' Stock Photos

Pam Grossman, Getty Images' director of visual trends, breaks down how portrayals of women have shifted over the past decade.


Vince Vaughn Is Now Appearing in Free, Cheesy Stock Images You Can Download

Getty Images teams up with the cast of the upcoming film 'Unfinished Business.'

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Getty's New Mobile App is a Free Portal Into Millions of Shareable Photos

After allowing users to embed its roughly 100 million stock images, Getty has no launched its first-ever mobile app, Stream, for Apple devices operating iOS 8.