Green hydrogen

Growth Strategies

Green Hydrogen Adoption: Where Does India Stand?

The cost disparity poses a challenge to the widespread adoption of green hydrogen, especially in sectors where cost competitiveness is crucial.

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How Cleaner Technology is Catching the Eyes of Indian VCs

Whether it be green hydrogen, EVs, solar energy, batteries, or renewable energy, India is becoming a major market for climate-change projects. Sovereign funds and long-term investors are eager to contribute significant sums to initiatives addressing climate concerns.


Is the Global Hydrogen Aircraft Market Taking-off?

The shifting focus of the aviation industry towards de-carbonization, the benefits of hydrogen aircraft over traditional one and growing number of air passengers will augment the growth of the global hydrogen aircraft market

News and Trends

Making India a Green Hydrogen Power

Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere states that oil will end by 2052, gas by 2060, and coal by 2090. In times like this, green hydrogen is emanating as the fuel of the future and for all the right reasons.

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Green Hydrogen To Be India's Future Fuel: Union Minister R K Singh

The minister also said that there are industries which have already started working to set up 3.5 MT capacity for green hydrogen production

Business News

Environmentalists Warn 'Green Hydrogen' Coud Leave a Giant Carbon Footprint, But Big Companies Disagree

Now the Treasury Department must settle a debate over the best way to craft a tax credit designed to advance clean hydrogen production.