Employers: Hybrid Work is Not The Problem — Your Guidelines Are. Here's Why and How to Fix Them.

If you don't have clear, transparent and well-understood hybrid work guidelines, you're shooting yourself in the foot and harming retention and recruitment.

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RBI Issues FAQ On Digital Lending Guidelines

The RBI clarified that having a physical interface with customers will not enable lenders to bypass regulations for digital lending

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Government To Lay Down Competition Guidelines For E-Commerce Firms

It is also added that regulating e-commerce intermediaries on grounds of only misinformation is not enough as they need to be regulated on grounds of competition

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Sebi Is Working On Guidelines For influencers On Social Media

The move comes after the increasing number of social media influencers on multiple social media platforms that advise and recommend trades without a license

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RBI Allows ARCs To Acquire Bankrupt Firms

RBI has also raised the minimum capital requirement for setting up ARCs to INR 300 crore from existing INR 100 crore

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What Has Been the Impact Of Service Charge Withdrawal On the Restaurant Industry?

Even though the regulations have left a major impact on the industry, it is still too soon to say what would the end result be

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Government To Release Guidelines For Social Media Influencers

As per the proposed guidelines, if social media influencers endorse any brand after taking money, they will have to declare their association with that brand

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Road Ministry Announces New Battery Safety Norms For EVs

The new norms will come into effect from October 1, 2022

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Government Warns Industry Bodies To Comply With Surrogate Advertisement Guidelines

The guidelines stated that no surrogate advertisements or indirect advertisements shall be made for goods or services whose advertising is otherwise prohibited or restricted by law

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RBI Releases Most Anticipated Digital Lending Guidelines

The new guidelines will be applicable to all the financial institutions that extend digital loans

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Delhi Police Visits Twitter India Office; New Guidelines To Kick In For Social Media Platforms Tomorrow

As per reports, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are yet to comply with the new guidelines